Folk music paragraph is very important  for hsc examination,  because this folk music have a historical importance in our tradition.  Folk music is a music that belong to a community and that are not influenced by any sophisticated music rules or any standard music styles. Folk music includes both religious and secular songs. So you must learn about folk music.  Today, I have given some example of folk music paragraph.  I hope you will be glad to read them. Thank you.
Here I have given,
(1) Folk Music Paragraph for any class
(2) Folk Music Paragraph for HSC examination
(3) Folk Music Paragraph for SSC examination
(4) Folk Music Paragraph for Alim Examination
(5) Folk Music Paragraph For JSC Examination
(6) Folk Music Paragraph for honours students

Sample: 01

Folk Music Paragraph 

Folk music consists of songs and music of a community that are uninfluenced by any sophisticated musical rules or any standard music styles. Bangladesh has a heritage of rich folk music which includes both religious and secular songs. Folk music may be described as that type of ancient music which springs from the heart of a community, based on their natural style of classical music and modern popular songs. Any mode or form created by the combination of tune, voice and dance may be described as music. Thus, the combination of folk song, folk dance and folk tune may be called folk music. For example, Baul songs are a combination of tune, music and dance. Folk music has the following characteristics: (i) It is composed by rural folk in the basis of ancient rules transmitted orally; (ii) These ancient rules of music have not been influenced by classical or modern music; (iii) Folk songs may be sung in groups or individually; (iv) No regular practice is required for folk music; (v) It is composed and performed by illiterate or semi-literate people; (vi) It is a spontaneous expression in easy language, local dialect, and simple tune; (vii) Both words and tune are appealing; (viii) Despite its universal appeal it uses local dialect; (ix) It depends upon nature and the rural environment; (x) It is an explicit manifestation of the joys and sorrows of daily life; (xi) It uses simple and natural rhythms; (xii) It contains a strong emotive expression of human love and separation. In Bangladesh folk music has great variety, with songs being composed on the culture, festivals, views of life, natural beauty, rivers and rural and riverine life. These songs are also about social inequality and poverty, about the material world and the supernatural. Mystical songs have been composed using the metaphors of rivers and boats. Since the country is basically riverine, the Bhatiyali forms an important genre of folk music. Folk music is formed and develops according to the environment. Differences in the natural environment are reflected in the people of the different regions. The dialects too very across the different regions. Bangladeshi folk music, therefore, varies from region to region. Thus there are the northern Bhawaiya, the eastern Bhatiyali and the southwestern Baul Songs. The culture and the lifestyle of the different tribes have also influenced folk music. Tribes like the Santal, Garo, Hajong, Chakma, Monipuri, Tripuri, Marma etc. have interacted with ethnic Bengali culture and lifestyle over the years. The interaction has been clearly reflected in the richness of folk music. Folk songs may be sung individually or in chorus. Folk songs sung individually include Baul, Bhatiyali, Murshidi, Marfati, while songs sung in chorus include Kabigan, Leto, Alkap and Gambhira. Some songs are regional in character, but others are common to both Bangladesh and West Bengal. Similarly, some songs belong distinctively to one religious community, Hindu or Muslim others cross religious boundaries. Some songs belong exclusively to men, others to women, while some are sung by both men and women. Thus only women compose and sing Bratagan and Meyeli Git, but both men and women participate in the ‘roof-beating’ songs that are sung while beating down and firming rootops.

Sample: 02

Folk Music Paragraph in 250 words   

Folk music is a music that belong to a community and that are not influenced by any sophisticated music rules or any standard music styles. Folk music includes both religious and secular songs.The history of folk music composition can be traded back in third century between BC during the Gupta dynasty. Generation of rural poet composer created enormous tradition Bangla folk music. Most of the folk songs are composed based on rural people, culture and environments which differ from region to region in Bangladesh. Folk music has great variety in Bangladesh. They are Bhatiyali, Bhawaiya, Baul, Spiritual song, Jarigan, Sarigan, Murshidi etc. Bangladesh has a good of instruments of her own. They are dotara, Dhole, Bhasi, Mandire, Khajani, Hari, Kumkum, Zara etc. Some famous singers have made the folk music popular among the people of Bangladesh. They are Shiraj Saiah, Lalon shah, Shah Abdul Karim, Hasan Raja, Abbas uddin, Abdul Alim and Radha Roman who are notable folk singers in Bangladesh. Tribal custom, culture, and lifestyles have an effect on it. Folk music maybe song individually or in chorus. At present the condition of folk music in our country is very poor. Now a day’s rich traditional folk music is inevitably influenced by western music and culture. So, we should avoid the foreign music. Because we should not neglect our rich traditional folk music. All of us should be come forward to preserve our rich, ancient and significant folk songs.

Sample: 03

Folk Music Paragraph For HSC Exam

Folk music a type of song sung in the traditional style of a country or community. Usually it is regarded as rural people’s song. Folk music includes the lifestyle of the rural people.Folk music represent all their hopes, expectations, sorrows and dreams. However,folk music is one of the most important element of Bangladeshi culture. The major folk songs of our country are Baul, Bhatiali, Murshidi, Marfati Jarigan ,Jatra Gan, Sharingan, Kabigan, Gambhira etc. Some of the well-known folk singers in Bangladesh Are Lalon Shah,Abbas Uddin,Abdul Alim,Shah Abdul Karim, Momtaz and so on. Folk songs are sung by professional or amateur singers.They may be sung individually or in chorus. Traditional musical instruments Tabla, Dhol,Madal,Ektara,Bansi,Sitar,Kartal,Mandira,Dotara,Sarinda etc are used while singing folk song. At present western instrument are also used in singing folk music. Nowadays the young generations shows less interest in folk music. In general,band and pop music are becoming more and more popular among the young generation.Since folk music  symbolize our own culture and tradition we should keep ourselves attached with them.

Sample: 04

Folk music paragraph in 100 words  

Music is important for the soul. There are so many kinds of music. Folk music is a really popular music genre that all age people love to listen to. In the beginning, folk music was mainly based on local music. But now it has been widely popular and diverse. There are so many types of folk music available. Personally, I am a music lover and I love hearing folk music. When I started to listen to songs, I was in love with ‘Bengali Folk Songs’. There are a huge collection of these songs these are related to our tradition.


Folk Music Paragraph in 150 words   

Folk music is mainly based on a specific community, country or team. There are several types of folk music. Baul songs are really interesting and one of the top folk music genre in Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh and India loves Baul songs. There were lots of songs writer, who has written and gave music to enormous songs that we listen often. Lalon Shah is one of the most popular Baul song creators in the history of Bangladesh and India. People are learning and doing research about his work. Lalon was a secular person and he has said these in his songs. His followers have made a totally different religion, which is pretty much different than Islam and Hinduism. Not only Baul songs, but there also are Bhatiyali and Bhawaiya songs these are really popular. Bhatiyali is actually songs from the boatmen, who drive a boat and sing-song. These songs are really interesting.


Folk Music Paragraph in 200 words  

Folk music is a really interesting music genre for me. I love to hear that type of music. Folk music indicates specific types of music that related to a religion, a community or a team. There are religious and secular both types of folk music available. Folk music is loved by countryside people mainly. But now because of good communication and video making, people are loving folk music. Youngsters are presenting old folk songs with a new view and shape. It is making them more interesting and adding attraction. There are lots of singers, who have made Bengali and Indian folk songs are popular. I want to mention some of them, Lalon Shah, Hasan Raza, Shah Abdul Karim, Abdul Halim, Abbas Uddin, etc are the most popular singers of our history. They have taken folk music on another level. People were started loving that music genre because of them. They have created thousands of songs which are evergreen and people still now listen to them with full love and affection. Folk music is related and connected with our tradition. We need to save this culture and be aware so that it doesn’t get lost.