Important Composition for HSC Exam 2024

Composition writing is the process of creating written works such as essays, stories, and other types of texts. It requires the writer to organize their thoughts and ideas in a clear and coherent manner, and to express themselves using appropriate language and grammar. I have written all important compositions for all classes students including class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, ssc and hsc examination. I have given the list of 100% common and important compositions for upcoming HSC examination. Composition is a short piece of writing done as a school exercise. The definition of composition is the act of putting something together, or the combination of elements or qualities. To read the compositing, just click on the name of the composition. All the compositions are very readable and very easy to learn.

Most Important and 100% common compositions for HSC 2024 examination:

Most Important and 100% common compositions for SSC examination:

Important Composition for HSC Exam
Important Composition for HSC Exam 2024

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HSC English 2nd Paper Important Compositions List

  • Importance of the Rivers in Bangladesh.
  • Over population Tampers all Development Programmes
  • How Sky Culture Affects Our Lite-on Earth
  • Rumours and False News in Social Media and Its Eflects
  • Climate Change and It’s Devastating Impact on Bangladesh
  • My Favourite Book
  • Our Population, a Prospect or a Problem?
  • Patriotism
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Students
  • Recurrent Visits of Natural Calamities in the Coastal Areas and ‘Their Impa
  • University Admission is too Competitive
  • Digital Bangladesh Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh
  • Climate Change
  • Empowerment Can Free Women from all Sorts of Discrimination
  • Modern Technology and Globalization
  • Drug Addiction
  • Students and Social Service
  • My Childhood Memories
  • Environmental Pollution in Dhaka City

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Here are some suggestions for composition writing:

  1. Understand the prompt: Before you start writing, make sure you understand the prompt or topic of the composition. Take the time to read it carefully and think about what you are being asked to write about.
  2. Plan your composition: Before you start writing, take a few minutes to plan your composition. This can include brainstorming ideas, outlining your main points, and organizing your thoughts in a logical order.
  3. Use descriptive language: Use descriptive language and imagery to create a sense of setting and atmosphere in your composition. This can help to engage the reader and make your writing more interesting.
  4. Use transitions: Use transitional words and phrases to connect your ideas and make your composition flow smoothly. This can help to improve the coherence and cohesiveness of your writing.
  5. Edit and revise: Once you have finished writing your composition, take the time to edit and revise it. This can include checking for spelling and grammar errors, as well as making sure that your ideas are clearly expressed and that your composition is well-organized.
  6. Use examples and evidence: If you are writing an argumentative or persuasive composition, make sure to use examples and evidence to support your position. This can help to make your argument more convincing.
  7. Practice: Practice writing compositions regularly, focusing on different types of writing and different prompts. This can help to improve your writing skills and make you more confident when it comes to taking exams.
  8. Read widely: Reading widely will help to expose you to different styles of writing, vocabulary, and structures, which will in turn help you in your composition writing.
  9. Understand the format and requirements of the specific exam you are taking and practice writing compositions that align with those requirements.
  10. Be mindful of the time, make sure to manage your time well, and don't spend too much time on a single paragraph or idea.