Important Completing Story for HSC Exam

Completing Story is an important topic for hsc exam and one can get marks easily by answering Completing Story. Completing story writing is very easy. A few lines of a certain completing story will be available in the question paper, first of all you have to read, then think about the flow of the story and completing it by your own words. Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) 2024 Exam routine has already been published. HSC 2024 exam is knocking to the door. So, HSC candidates are searching for important completing story suggestions. Dear students, today, I have given here the most important and 100% common completing story writing for HSC examination as well as for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, JSC, SSC Examination. I hope this content will be helpful for all the students of those classes and teachers. I have written here the completing story with Title and Moral of the story. for completing story writing, correct Title and Moral are so much important. So let's start.

Most Important and common 10 Completing story for HSC Examination:

01. Money cannot Bring Happiness

02. The Dove and the Ant 

03. The Scholar and the Boatman

04. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

05. A King Without a Kingdom/King Lear and his Daughters

06. A Trick of a Cunning Fox Went in Vain 

07. Do not Believe a Flatterer / A Sly Fox and a Foolish Crow

08. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

09. Perseverance is the key to Success

10. An Honest woodcutter/ Honesty is the best policy.

Important COMPLETING STORY for SSC Examination:

Completing story writing is a in important topic for upcoming ssc examination. The exam schedule has been already published. Every students are preparing themselves for doing better in the examination. But for doing better in the examination, student should follow proper suggestions and a complete guideline. SSC exam is knocking to the door, so it is high time to be prepared well. Completing story is the most important topic for ssc examination. Without learning Completing story, a student cannot do well in the ssc examination. But which Completing story should you learn?  You should learn some common Completing stories properly. Today, I have given some common and most important Completing story for upcoming SSC examination. To read the Completing story for SSC Exam, just click on the name of the Completing story given below:-

Important Completing story for SSC Examination:

  1. Two Foolish Rats and a Cunning Monkey completing story

  2. Bayazid’s Devotion to Mother completing story

  3. A Liar Shepherd completing story

  4. A Lion and a Mouse completing story

  5. Unity Is Strength completing story

  6. A thirsty crow and a jar with little water completing story

  7. Slow and Steady Wins the Race completing story

  8. A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed completing story

  9. Grasp All Lose All completing story

  10. The Judgment of a Wise Judge completing story

  11. Who is to Bell the Cat completing story

  12. A Golden Goose completing story

  13. A Fox without a Tail completing story

  14. Honesty is the Best Policy completing story

  15. Grapes Are Sour completing story

  16. A Foolish Crow and a Cunning Fox completing story

  17. An Ant and a Dove completing story

  18. An Ungrateful Wolf and a Deceived Crane completing story

  19. King Midas and the Golden Touch completing story

  20. Sheikh Saadi and His dress completing story

  21. An Honest Wood-cutter completing story

  22. An Ambitious Crow and His Sad End completing story

  23. A Greedy Woman and Her Hen completing story

  24. Failure Is the Pillar of Success completing story

  25. A Brave Boy completing story

  26. Promise Should be Kept completing story

  27. King Solomon Queen of Sheba completing story

  28. Helping Others completing story

  29. A Poor Family’s Transformation completing story

  30. I’ll News Runs Apace completing story

Important Completing story for JSC Examination:

mportant Completing Story for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, JSC, SSC and HSC Exam
Important Completing Story for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, SSC and HSC Exam