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Writing a composition on Environment Pollution   


Environment Pollution  

The thing which makes the world most worried is environment pollution. Our environment comprises the elements that surround us. Air, water, the sun, the moon weather, climate and   everything fan under the category of environment. Environment makes us survive.

The world is producing millions of tons of domestic rubbish and toxic industrial waste each year, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable locations to get rid of all the refuse. We know that air is an important element of our environment and our air is polluted by smoke.

Everyday huge amounts of smoke are emitted from mills and factories, vehicles, powerhouses etc: All these kinds of smoke pollute the air. Owing to air pollution man is suffering from various diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis. Above all, air pollution is destroying ecological balance.

It causes global warmth and climate change. Consequently, various natural disasters are occuring. Water, another vital element of the environment, is also polluted in different ways. Man pollutes

water by throwing waste into it. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their fields.

When rain and floods wash away some of these chemicals, they get mixed with water in rivers canals and ponds. Mills and factories also throw their poisonous chemicals and waste products into rivers and canals and thus pollute the water. Polluted water is very harmful for humans and animals. By drinking polluted water men and animals suffer from fatal diseases and die. Moreover, it causes skin diseases.

Sound pollution is another hindrance to a calm and serene life. There are so many disturbing sounds made by men and machines. Making loud sounds without caring for human disturbance is a cognizable offence. People suffering from hypertension or heart disease may have heart attack or stroke if they hear loud sounds. Even loud sound may affect the mental upbringing of a baby.

Greenhouse effect is a recent concept which means the adverse effects caused by the rise in the temperature in the climate of the world. Indiscriminate deforestation throughout the world is also one of the causes to create imbalance in the climate and it, in turn, helps greenhouse effect to intensify.

Environment is the basis of our existence. To ensure our existence, we should remain free from all sorts of pollution. Government, semi-government, non-government organizations should come forward with the programmes of saving environment. All of us should remember the importance of the slogan, "Save the environment, ensure the healthier life."

Environment Pollution Composition
Environment Pollution Composition   

Write a short composition on environment pollution. Write at least 200 words but don't exceed 250 words


Environment Pollution

Nature, land, air, water and all other things around us in which we live are called environment. Environment pollution means a remarkable, bad and harmful change in chemical, physical and biological characteristics of environment. 

Environment problem has become a serious problem in our country. This problem is on the rise now. In our cities the air is constantly polluted by smoke from mills and factories and from carbon monoxide. It is believed that the excess use of underground water by man is increasing the dimension of arsenic in water. But for the sake of irrigation man has to use underground water.

On the other hand, man is directly responsible for sound pollution. Every kind of engine driven vehicles creates sound more or less. To some extent sound is not observed properly. So that violation of sound limit is causing sound pollution especially in the city areas. As a result, the students, the officials and the patients of city areas are being a cruel victim of sound pollution, and our natural environment is being greatly endangered.

To sum up, the water we drink, the air we breathe in and the food we take are not always absolutely pure. The ground we walk on in both urban and rural areas are polluted by uncollected garbage. Water is polluted as a result of untreated sewrage. Industrial waste and insecticides alarmingly pollute water. Human dirt and filth is no less responsible for the environment pollution. Unplanned sanitation system is booming up the water pollution day by day. 

Environment pollution leads us to decay and death gradually. Therefore, to be happy and gay in life the steps to check the pollution of environment are to be taken by the concerted efforts of the govt and the commoners in no time.