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Importance of Rivers in Bangladesh


Importance of Rivers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of scenic beauty criss-crossed with hundreds of rivers, big and small. Ours is a deltaic plain and hundreds of rivers with their branches and tributaries have zig-zagged through the land. These rivers have made our land covered with lush green vegetation. Among the important rivers the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna, the Teesta, the Brahmaputra are noteworthy. Life and living of our people are inseparably related to these rivers. Rivers play a vital role in the life of people.

Our rivers abound in fishes. That's why, we can see fishermen's villages along the banks of the rivers. Our national fish the 'Hilsa' is found in plenty in the rivers the Padma and the Meghna. After meeting our national demand, this fish is exported abroad and a lot of foreign exchange is earned by exporting it.

Our rivers are also a good source of communication. River communication is comparatively easier, cheaper and more comfortable. Large steamers and launches ply in the rivers. Passengers making journey by these transports can enjoy the exquisite natural beauty of our country.

In the rural area, farmers use river water to irrigate their crop fields. In the rainy season, the rivers are in spate and they overflood their banks. The whole rural Bangladesh assumes a fascinating look during this season. Small rivers zig-zagging through crop fields with standing crops and lush green vegetation captivate our mind. Waterfowls like pankauri, cranes, wild ducks, etc. live in the reeds at the edge of the rivers.

Our rivers are also a venue for various games and sports. During national festivals games like 'Nauka Baich' (boat race), swimming are held in the rivers. These games draw huge enthusiastic crowds.

However, because of siltation and pollution, navigation in many rivers has now become very difficult. Government should take adequate measures to keep our rivers alive and restore their past glory.

Importance of Rivers in Bangladesh Composition
Importance of Rivers in Bangladesh Composition   

Bangladesh is a land of Rivers. There are many big and small rivers. The rivers of Bangladesh had a glorious past. The prosperity of Bangladesh depends on It's rivers. Now, the rivers are on the verge of extinction. 

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Rivers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. No other country in the world has as many rivers as Bangladesh, Her rivers originate from the Himalayas and fall into the Bay of Bengal. They are full in the rainy season and they are almost dry in summer.

There are two kinds of rivers in our country. They are the big rivers and the small rivers. The big rivers are the Meghna, the Padma, the Jamuna, the Brahmaputra, the Buriganga, the Karnafuly etc. and the small rivers are the Madhumati, the Gomoti, etc. Besides them, there are many beautiful rivers in Bangladesh. They are the Surma, the Sitalakhaya, the Tetulia, the Mahananda etc.

Some rivers are also great source of energy. They have been used to produce power. The hydro-

electric projects like that of the Karnafuli can solve the power problem of Bangladesh.

Our rivers are a great source of wealth. They supply a large bulk of fish. Fish is our main item of food after rice. The fishermen of our country catch fishes from the rivers. The rivers are the heart of our agriculture. Rivers play an important role in our economy.

Bangladesh is an agricultural country and her agriculture mainly depends on these rivers. Our rivers carry the silt with their water. This silt increases the fertility of our lands. So jute, paddy, wheat and other valuable crops grow in plenty.

Our rivers are the main way of communication. Steamers, launches and boats ply in the rivers all the year round and carry passengers and goods.

The rivers and their banks of Bangladesh are a great source of beauty. The beauty and the natural scenery of the surrounding area give a great relief to the troubled hearts. The big and small rivers flowing throughout the country have also made Bangladesh rich, beautiful and happy. Our life is influenced by them in many ways.

Most of the rural songs like Bhatiali and Jari are associated with the people living on the banks of the rivers. People living on the banks derive immense benefit from the rivers. Much of our joys and sorrows depend on the rivers.

Our rivers are usually calm in the morning of winter, but they look violent and fearful in summer and autumn. In these times they grow wild and sweep away large areas causing heavy damage to the crops and habitations.

Our economy mainly depends on the rivers. Without rivers Bangladesh cannot be developed. They are the gifts of God for our country. They are the life of this country. They are also source of our prosperity and happiness. If there were no rivers in Bangladesh, Bangladesh would become a desert. So, we should make the proper use of each and every river as an asset.