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    Diaspora Paragraph for HSC Examination   

    Diaspora Paragraph: Diaspora is a term by which we understand those people who leave their homelands,and settle in other parts of the world. It is either because they are forced to do so or because they are willingly leave their homeland .in the history of human civilization , we find numerous events of diaspora. The jews were the first diaspora in the history mankind. their ancestor abraham was forced to leave iraq and took shelter in egypt. In egypt, he was a diaspora. Then his offspring jews were forced to leave egypt and settled themselves in palestine. there they were diasporas. later,many of them were forced to leave palestine during the islamic era. These jews became diasporas in europe and then in america .coming from the central europe,the aryans settled in the indian subcontinent. Here the Aryans were also diasporas although the cause of their migration is unknown. In the twentieth century, after the world war-II the jews started gathering in palestine. With the help of western power,they formed a jew land in palestine named israel. The palestinians are now forced to leave their homeland. They are becoming diasporas in different countries of the world. the political turmoil in the middle east, which includes places like syria,libya and iraq, is driving these people into europe and also many other countries. A lot of people have became diasporas in africa ,too,over the centuries. Most of the reasons behind it are ravages of nature. However ,now the main reason of diaspora is globalization. 

    Diaspora Paragraph in 250 words 

    Diaspora Paragraph: Diaspora means the people who had left their original homelands and settled in other countries of the world. Either they were forced to leave the country and they willingly left. First, Jews ancestor Abraham was forced to leave Iraq. So he took shelter in Egypt. After that, his offspring Jews were compelled to leave Egypt and they took shelter in Palestine. The Jews were the first diaspora in the history of mankind. Later in the Islamic era, many of them were again forced to leave Palestine. Then these Jews became diaspora in Europe and America. After World War II, the Jews started coming back to Palestine with the help of western power and they also formed a new land called Israel. Now Palestine are being forced to leave their homeland. As a result, they are also being diaspora in many countries of the world. We all see the latest incident. Myanmar government has compelled the Muslim minority "Rohingya" to flee from their home. Actually, the process started after 1970. An estimated 3.5 million Rohingya dispersed in many countries worldwide before August 2017. Most of the Rohingyas about 9,50,000 people took shelter in Bangladesh. Some of them fleed to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. However, nowadays people are being the diaspora willingly because of Globalization.

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    Diaspora Paragraph in 200 words  

    Diaspora Paragraph:Diaspora means the people who had left their original homelands and settled in different countries of the world. Either they were forced to go away the country or they willingly left. First, Jews ancestor Abraham was forced to go away Irak. therefore he took shelter in Egypt. After that, his offspring Jews were compelled to go away Egypt and they took shelter in Palestine. The Jews were the first diaspora in the history of world. Later in the Muslim era, several of them were once more forced to go away Palestine. Then these Jews became diaspora in Europe and America. after war II, the Jews started returning to Palestine with the assistance of western power and they additionally formed a new country known as Israel. Currently the Palestine ar being forced to go away their land. As a result, they’re also being diaspora in several countries of the world. We all see the newest incident. Union of Burma government has compelled the Muslim minority “Rohingya” to leave from their home. Actually, the process started once 1970. An estimated of three. 5 million Rohingya spread in several countries worldwide before August 2017. Most of the Rohingyas nearly 9,50,000 individuals took shelter in Bangladesh. a number of them fled to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. However, today individuals are being the diaspora as a result of economic process of globalization.

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    Folk music is a really interesting music genre for me. I love to hear that type of music. Folk music indicates specific types of music that related to a religion, a community or a team. There are religious and secular both types of folk music available. Folk music is loved by countryside people mainly. But now because of good communication and video making, people are loving folk music. Youngsters are presenting old folk songs with a new view and shape. It is making them more interesting and adding attraction. There are lots of singers, who have made Bengali and Indian folk songs are popular. I want to mention some of them, Lalon Shah, Hasan Raza, Shah Abdul Karim, Abdul Halim, Abbas Uddin, etc are the most popular singers of our history. They have taken folk music on another level. People were started loving that music genre because of them. They have created thousands of songs which are evergreen and people still now listen to them with full love and affection. Folk music is related and connected with our tradition. We need to save this culture and be aware so that it doesn’t get lost.

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    An American psychologist divides conflicts into three major types arising out of three different causes, such as (a) Economic conflict (b) Value conflict and (c) Power conflict. They are further classified into four types, such as (a) Interpersonal conflict. (b) Intrapersonal conflict, (c) Intergroup conflict and (d) Intragroup conflict. Whatever causes or types may conflicts have, they have mainly destructive impacts on human life and society. Uncontrolled and deliberate conflicts beget enmity, hostility, violence, war and destruction. But inner conflict is sometimes more tragic and heart – rending than outer conflict. Hamlet’s problem ‘to be or not to be’ represents every man’s struggle within his inner selves. Peace is needed for a happy and comfortable life. Without peace human civilization can not advance. Violence and war are destructive and so harmful to human civilization. In order to establish peace mitigating conflict we should develop in us a sense of tolerance , realization, understanding, compromise and capacity for reconciliation. Though conflicts come naturally, they can be resolved without anyone being harmed through proper discussion and understanding .

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    The climate is changing rapidly that effect in the rise of the earth’s average temperature. The global climate change and its outcomes are leaving a bad impact on the developing countries Like Bangladesh, forcing the poor countries to face natural disasters and poverty. Climate change impacts include temperature rise, greenhouse and carbon dioxide gas emissions,irregular rainfall, the rise of floods, cyclones, storm surges and draught,ice sheets melting which will seriously Affect agriculture and livelihoods. These people will become refugees of climate change. To reduce the bad impact of climate change people should be aware.