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Peace And Conflict  Paragraph for SSC and HSC examination.  

Peace and Conflict 

The human being needs peace but very often does not know the tools to achieve it until, absurdly, to make war to have peace and consequently drag humanity into a spiral of pain and death from which it is difficult to get out. In our opinion, the main means of avoiding conflicts is knowledge. We are, in fact, convinced that to build peace it is necessary to train people who understand conflicts in their dynamics and in their complexity. In this regard, analytical and practical tools are needed to help us analyze conflicts in depth, understanding their genesis, dynamics and their interaction with the global context. Talking about conflict and peace is more urgent today than ever. We all want to live in a world of peace, yet we are witnesses to the continual rise of new wars, ever more violent and complex. The media shows us scenes of horror and massacres every day. We need a guide to understanding contemporary violent conflicts that intend to give an account of their complexity and dynamism.  war is not a biological necessity and that the same species that invented war can invent peace and must build it every day.  These conflicts distance man from his profound nature, a nature oriented towards peace. We could, therefore, think that we are doing something wrong and that for some reason we cannot live in peace. It is not true: peace is not only possible but it is necessary for our own survival.


Peace And Conflict Paragraph for HSC Examination     

Every man wants peace. Peace is a situation or a period of time when there is no war, violence, anxiety in a country or area. The term ‘conflict’ refers to a clash or disagreement, often violent, between two rival groups or individuals or between the two selves of the same individual. All of us have our own way of looking at things. We act according to our own will and think that whatever we do is right.

However, we find ourselves in conflict in various scenarios. That is why conflict influences our actions and decisions in one way or another. A conflict may have various reasons involving individual, partisan, ideological, communal, religious, moral, racial, social, political, national and international issues.

An American psychologist divides conflicts into three major types arising out of three different causes, such as (a) Economic conflict (b) Value conflict and (c) Power conflict. They are further classified into four types, such as (a) Interpersonal conflict. (b) Intra personal conflict, (c) Intergroup conflict and (d) Intra group conflict. Whatever causes or types may conflicts have, they have mainly destructive impacts on human life and society. Uncontrolled and deliberate conflicts beget enmity, hostility, violence, war and destruction. But inner conflict is sometimes more tragic and heart – rending than outer conflict.

Hamlet’s problem ‘to be or not to be’ represents every man’s struggle within his inner selves. Peace is needed for a happy and comfortable life. Without peace human civilization can not advance. Violence and war are destructive and so harmful to human civilization. In order to establish peace mitigating conflict we should develop in us a sense of tolerance  , realization, understanding, compromise and capacity for reconciliation. Though conflicts come naturally, they can be resolved without anyone being harmed through proper discussion and understanding.

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