Climate Change Paragraph: Climate change is the most pressing issue at the moment over the world. The cause of climate change can be divided into two categories those are due to natural causes and those are created by men. Global worming is the main natural reason and using harmful chemicals in every day life the main reason created by man. The climate is changing rapidly that result in the rise of the earth’s average temperature. The global climate change and its consequences are leaving a bad impact on the developing countries to face natural calamities and poverty. Climate change impacts include temperature rise, greenhouse and carbon dioxide gas emissions, erratic rainfall, salinity intrusion, rise of floods, cyclones, storm surges and draught, ice sheets melting which will seriously affect the agriculture and livelihood, especially at the poor. Bangladesh, for its geographical locations, is likely to be the most affected. The developed nations, which are more responsible for such climate changes, should take responsibilities to protect the victimised countries. The Maldives is also one of the worst victims of climate change. A one meter sea-level rise will submerge about one-third of the total area of Bangladesh, which will uproot 25-30 million people of Bangladesh. These people will become refuges of climate change. To reduce the bad impact of climate change people should be aware. Tree plantation can reduce global warming which is the main natural reason of climate change. Stop using harmful chemicals can reduce environmental pollution which is the main man made reason of climate change. Students should be careful to protect the environment and raise awareness. Thus students can play a vital role to reduce bad impact of climate change.

Write a paragraph on Climate Change / Climate Change paragraph in 150 words  

Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  • What is the impact of climate changing?
  • Where does it affect mainly?
  • What is the cause of increasing temperature?
  • What is the condition of the sea level?
  • Will the mangrove forest be affected?

Climate Change Paragraph: The change of climate is now a major global concern. The worst of all the problems that affect all the flora and fauna of our environment is climate change. There are many plants and animals that are, vulnerable to climate change. As a result of increasing temperature, they are likely to be extinct from nature. At about 18000 years ago, sea level was more than 100 meters lower than today. Over the past century; sea level has risen by 10-20 c. m. possibly in response to global warming. The mangrove forest will be affected because of increasing salinity during the winter season and high tides at monsoon. Moreover, coastal surges will also raise the water level in the area. Therefore, all the plants and animals vulnerable to climate change will be hampered severely. Due to high salinity, many trees will be eliminated. All the flora and fauna will be affected by the salinity of the water. They will lose sources of their food and shelter.

(3) Climate Change paragraph:

Climate Change Paragraph in 150 words for JSC and SSC Exam

Question: Write a paragraph on “Climate Change in Bangladesh” based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible.

  • What is climate change?
  • What are the causes responsible for climate change?
  • How is Bangladesh being affected by it?
  • What are the effects of climate change in Bangladesh?
  • What is the responsibility of the government to face this disaster?

The impact of climate change   

Answer: Climate change is the change in earth’s weather including changes in temperature, wind patterns, and rainfall. Especially it refers to the increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere due to the increase of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases mainly include carbon dioxide, methane, etc. These gases trap heat in the atmosphere and cause climate change which has become a major global concern. Due to global warming, the huge ice caps of the polar regions are being melted. This contributes to the rise of sea-level. As a result. The world’s mangrove forests are going to be extinct. Again, the rise of sea-level increases salinity in the inland rivers that decrease crop production. Besides, climate change causes natural disasters like floods, cyclones, etc. Thus, all the flora and fauna of our environment have become and are going to be vulnerable. But the worst sufferers of it are the people of developing and underdeveloped countries. They contribute to it the least, but they suffer for it the most. To keep the world habitable, we must put a stop to climate change. For this, we need to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases. At the same time, we must plant more and more trees to increase our forest land. It is true that there is a responsibility of the Govt. to combat this disaster. Govt. should take all necessary steps to reduce pollution as far as possible. All the world leaders should sit together to find a way out for saving our planet by reducing greenhouse gases.

(4) Write a paragraph about Climate Change

Climate Change Paragraph in 250 words for HSC and Honours    

Climate Change     

Climate Change is the most discussed issue in the present world and it attracts the attention of all walks of people in locally and globally. Environmental scientists and activists are mostly concerned about the rapid changes of climate.  The climate is weather averaged over a long period of time typically 25 to 30 years in a particular area.
According to the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) definition, Climate in a narrow sense is usually defined as the “average weather” or more rigorously as the statistical description in terms of the mean and variability of relevant quantities over a period of time ranging from months and thousands or millions of years. The parameters that determine the climate at a particular area are the rainfall, humidity, wind, sunshine and temperature. Definition of Climate Change in Oxford Dictionary is as “changes in the earth’s weather, including changes in temperature, wind patterns and rainfall, especially the increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere that is caused by the increase of particular gases, especially carbon dioxide”. Generally Climate change refers to long term changes in climate including average temperature and precipitation. Earth’s climate is changing and this is causing great concern. The changes place in the atmosphere have become one of the serious threats that world faces today.
Mostly human activities are responsible for climate change. Human induced activities are burning of fossil fuel, deforestation, leading of luxurious life, industrial activities etc. These activities enhance the emission of greenhouse gases (methane, carbon-di-oxide, sulfur-di-oxide etc.). Greenhouse gases emission to an extent that nature system is now not able to assimilate these gases. As a result the earth becomes warm and increases temperature, rate of melting of snow and ice in polar region.  Serious consequences will be a rise in sea levels, which will endanger coastal areas and small islands.
Climate change has started endangering biodiversity, food and fresh water supply, impacting human health worldwide, especially in developing countries like Bangladesh due to low adaptive capacity. Mass awareness about environment and contribution of international community in reducing greenhouse gas emission can lessen the devastating change of climate.