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01. Female Education Paragraph in 200 words for JSC,SSC,HSC and Any other examination 

 Female Education 

The prosperity  of a country mainly depends on the education of her population. About fifty percent of the total population in our country is female. A country cannot  expect her prosperity avoiding this large part of population. It is not possible to do  everything in life only by men. so female education is a must. Firstly, women have some special tasks and duties. Education is very necessary to perform their duties properly. secondly, every woman is a potential mother. Education of a child greatly depends upon its mother. An educated mother would be able to bring up her child properly . Thirdly, social responsibilities should also he shared between men and women. in conjugal  life a woman can help her husband. For this purpose a woman should be educated. Besides, women of present society are very neglected. to keep our women free from unexpected negligence women should be educated. There are some people who are strongly opposed to the female education. They think that women’s only, duty is to do household affairs and rearing children. But we cannot think of the progress of our country without the education of female. So all necessary steps should be taken to encourage female education for the betterment of our country.

02. Female Education Paragraph for PSC and JSC Examination 

Female Education 

God has created the universe with high hope and pleasure. When God created man and woman, he drew no hard and fast line of distinction between them. He endowed them equally with the bright and noble faculties. So education can not be the exclusive possession of any class or section or sex. A Female is half part of any family, a society, or a nation. So in every activities female has an equal share of success or future. Women do perform in almost every activity in the community or family.

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Female Education 

A good mother can produce a good nation. To have good citizens, female education is a must. Because an educated mother can provide us with an enlightened society. Napoleon said, “Give me a good mother and I will give you a good nation”. Good mother means an educated mother. When we dream of an illiteracy free society, we should think to educated all women first.

No nation can achieve real progress keeping half of its population in the dark. Without educating women, the progress of the nation is not at all possible. Again without education, women can not be elevated. So all the shorts of education should be important to the woman folk so that they may come forward and work hand in hand with men in all development programs. An educated woman can also help her family playing an economic role. An educated woman can play an important role in molding the character of her children.
It is high time we encouraged universal female education. The good news is that the government has recently declared free and compulsory for the rural girls up to HSC. The government has the plan to make education free for the girls up to degree level.
At last, we can say that female education is essential for any society, any family and nation.

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    Female Education 

Bangladesh is an under-development country. Fifty per cent of her population is women. Now we live in a civilized world. Every one of us feels the necessity to make our country developed in all respects. The services of both men and women are required for the purpose. So, both should receive a proper education.
There was a time when women were considered only for the household works. They were illiterate. Though many of them wished to have an education, they were not given chance.
Nowadays all the great thinkers pass their opinions in favour of female education. A mother is the best teacher of her children. An educated mother can get her children fit in all matters. She knows well how to rear up her children and to hold up their character. An educated woman is the best friend of her husband. She can maintain the family properly. On the other hand, an ignorant wife is a serious burden to an educated husband. Real happiness cannot be expected of an uneducated wife. Besides, in these days of economic crisis and educated wife can help her husband by serving in offices or in educational institutions. Lastly, an educated woman can realize the necessity of birth control. So, a woman should be given ample opportunity for education.
Female education is very necessary for Bangladesh for the better interest of our country the women should be trained to be a good citizen, good house mistress and a good mother.