Human Rights Paragraph:  Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings regardless of their nationality, sex, colour, religion, language or any other status. In fact, human rights refer to some moral principles or norms that describe certain standards of human behaviour. Human rights are protected as legal rights in international law. person in this world has the right to get food, clothing, shelter, education and medical service. These rights are regarded as basic human rights. In our country, a number of people are deprived of their basic human rights. Our poor children are deprived of food, medical service and education. There are a number of street children who are shelterless. These little kids have to earn money themselves for living. They do it by engaging themselves in many risky jobs. Such type of situation increases child labour. Many of our women folk are deprived of education. They have no right to make any decision or give any opinion about the important issues in the family. Sometimes, they are tortured both physically and mentally. Our old people are deprived of proper care and medical service. People can come to know what the constitution says about their rights if they are conscious of their rights. If people know about their rights, they can enjoy their rights and protect themselves properly. They will feel their importance as citizens. They will become responsible citizens of the country. Thus, our people can contribute to the development of the country.

Human Rights Paragraph  

Human rights mean the basic needs of human life. Everybody can expect to get these needs as a human being. These needs are essential for the physical, mental, and spiritual development of both men and women. The basic human rights are freedom of speech, security of life, right of citizenship, right to vote, right for education and justice and so on. The children of our country do not get proper rights — right of education, right of medical treatment, right of proper food, etc. The women of our country are being deprived of their rights. They are the victims of gender discrimination. They do not get proper food, clothing, education, freedom of speech, etc. Most of the women are deprived of equal labour benefits because they are not thought to be equal to men in the workforce. women work longer than men but get less money. Many people cannot enjoy their religious rights. In the world the people are suffering inhumanly. Voting right is not ensured properly in our society. Proper steps should be taken to ensure women's rights. Women have already started working in different fields. They are becoming doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers, etc. Women should be properly educated and employed. They should be given power in different spheres of life. They should be made aware of their rights and duties. Their security of life should be ensured at any cost. Seminars and discussion meetings should be organized to highlight the importance of establishing human rights — especially children's rights and women's rights. People should be made conscious of their rights.