Completing story for jsc, ssc and hsc examination. Completing story is a part of our syllabus. So we should read important completing stories. Here I have given 50 important completing story for jsc, ssc and hsc examination candidate students. All student should read story to acquire more knowledge. It will be helpful for completing any story in the exam hall. 


1.       Happiness lies in contentment

Once there lived a happy cobbler who passed his days in working and singing from morning till night. A rich neighbours of his was a banker who one day said to him. “How much a year do you earn?” The cobbler laughed and said, “how much a year, sir; I never reckoned in that way, living as I do from hand to mouth; each day somehow brings its meal and I am happy. The banker said, I have resolved to place you above the fear of want. Take these thousand pounds, preserve them carefully and use them in time of need. The cobbler who had never seen so much money at a time in his life before, hurried home and buried his treasure in the earth, but alas! He buried his happiness with it too because at night he could not enjoy a sound sleep. He would remain alert the whole night. He would think of the money. Thus he lost his sleep and happiness. One day he went to the banker and told him that his money had snatched away his sleep. So he told the banker to take his money back and finally the cobbler returned the money to the banker. Again he was able to enjoy sound sleep and mental peace and happiness. Thus proved that true happiness lies in contentment.

2.       The economic habits of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria, when a little girl was taught economical habits by her excellent governess. The princess had a set allowance for pocket money and was not permitted to exceed it. Once at the market at Tunb ridge wells, she had expended all her supply of money in a number of presents for relatives and friends. As she was leaving, she saw remembered another cousin to whom she thought she would like to make a present. She saw a box marked half-crown which, she considered, would be just the very thing for him. But alas! The money was all gone! The people in the shop said they would just enclose the box with other articles. But her governess said. “No, you see the princess has not the money and so, of course, she cannot buy box. The shopkeepers them said that they would reserve the box and when she buy the next due pocket money, the princess mounted her donkey and was at the bazar for the coveted box 7 o’clock in the morning.


3.       The judgment of King Solomon

Once there lived two women in a village. One of them had a baby. But the other woman claimed that baby. As a result both of them entangled in a quarrel. None could find a solution to the problem. Last of all they went to the court of King Solomon. King Solomon was a very wise and just king. Finding out the truth he could solve any problem. When he saw that none left the claim of the baby, he thought what to do. Then he ordered one of his men to cut the baby into two equal halves and give one half to each of the woman. The first woman became very elated. He said, he said, “I’ m agreed with the decision.” Please give me my half.” But the second woman started howling. She told the king. “Don’t kill the baby. I don’t need my share. Give the baby to her.” The king understood the fact and give the baby to the second woman and the first woman was sent to prison.

4.       All that glitters is not gold

Once there was a stag in a forest. He felt very thirsty and went to a stream to drink water. The water of the pool was so clear that he could see his image in the water. He was very charmed to see the image of his horn. But when he saw his legs, he was very sorry because his legs were thin and ugly.
While thinking so, he saw a hunter coming towards him with his hounds. The stag was so afraid that he started running fast to save his life. His legs helped him to run fast. But his horns got entangled with the creepers in the bushes. He fell down. The hunter came and killed him. Had he not the horns, eh might not have been killed.

5.       A wise judge

Once a golden necklace was lost from a rich man’s house. A few servants worked in that house. Naturally it was suspected that any one of the servants had stolen the necklace. Each of them was asked. But nobody confessed the guilt. So, the master of the house lodged complaint before the judge. All of the servants were summoned to the court. But all of the servants denied the charge. Then the judge hit upon a plan. He gave each of them of them a stick of same length and told them to submit them to the court the following day. He told them that the person who had stolen the necklace, his stick would increase an inch. When they returned home, they kept their sticks as they were. But the servant who stole the stick shortened home, they kept their sticks as they were. But the servant who stole the stick shortened it by an inch. The next day when everybody submitted the sticks, it was found that one stick was short by an inch. Them the thief was detected and he was given punishment.

6.       Devotion of Hazrat Bayazid to his mother

At one night the boy Bayazid was busy in studies. His ailing mother was sleeping. Suddenly she woke up and asked Bayazid to give her a glass of water. But he found no water in the pitcher. So he went to the well situated at the edge of the village. The well was quite far from their house. Everybody in the village was sleeping. He filled the pitcher and came back. He went to his mother with a glass of water. But she was sleeping. He did not wake her up. He stood by her bed with the glass of water in his hand. She woke up in the morning. She was surprised to find Bayazid still standing by her bed.
She said.  “O my son, why did you not leave the glass on the table and go to sleep?
“Dear mother, I thought you would not find the water on waking. So I did not leave it on the table and go to sleep. Please take the glass and drink, “answered bayazid with a smile. His mother drank water and blessed him.

7.       Androcles and the lion

Once upon a time there lived a young man named Androcles. He was caught by a slave merchant who sold him to a rich man in another country. His master was very bad and inflicted heavy torture on him. Androcles was very home sick.
One day he fled from his master’s house and took shelter in a cave. In the evening a lionentered the cave. The lion seemed wounded as he was groaning. He came near the lion. He took the lion’s paw in his hand and removed a big thorn from it. The lion was relieved of his pain. Andrecles remained there for some time. After that he started for his home. On the way he was caught by the people of his master. The master ordered his people to throw him into the lion’s cage. The hungry lion came rushing to Androcles bet he at once bent low at the feet of Androcles. It was the same lion whom he had helped. The lion then broke the cage and ran away with Androcles on his back.

8.       Don’t believe a flatterer or the fox and the crow

Once a crow snatched a piece of meat from a farmer’s child and flew to a tree. A fox was going under that tree. He saw the piece of meat in the beak of the crow. He was very tempted. He thought of having a good with that piece of meat. So he started flattering the crow.
“Hi, Mr, crow”, said the fox. “It is known to everybody that you have a sweet tone. Will you please sing song for me?”
The crow felt very flattered and agreed to sing. When he opened his month, the piece of meat fell to the ground. The fox took it up and left the place. Then the crow realized his foolishness and decided not to believe a flatterer again.

9.       Who’ll bell the Cat

Once the house of a rich man was infested with rats. The house became like the town Hamelin, there were rats everywhere. They were having a good time. But the members could not enjoy sound sleep. Even the little babies were not free from the attack and biting of the rats. The rats would take away foods, cut cloths and tear holes here and there. All the members were in great trouble. At last the owner of the house hit upon a plan. He knew that rats would run away at the sight of cats. So he brought a cat to kill the rats and therefore to get rid of the rats. The rats came to know the presence of the cat in the house. Their lives were at stake. All the mice sat together in a conference. At last they took a decision that they would tie a bell in the neck of the cat so that they could know the approach of the cat. They raised a hue and cry over the matter because none of the rats agreed to tie a bell in the neck of the cat. They thought that the rat who would go to bell the approach of the cat would lose his life. Finally who would bell the cat remained unsettled. So the mice eventually migrated.

10.   The greatness of Sultan Salahuddin

One day in the battle of Jaffa, the Christianswere winning and the Muslim soldiers were falling back before the Christian horsemen. The Christran General was Richard the first of England. He was a brave man and a fierce enemy of Sultan Salahuddin. In one of his fights, a Muslim soldier knocked him off his horse but he got up and started fighting on foot. One of Salahuddin’s men saw this and shouted to Salahuddin, “Richard has lost his horse. Why don’t we kill him now? Salahuddin replied, “No, he is a noble soldier; Give him my best steed so that he can fight properly again, “Salahuddin’s behavior charmed Richard. He said, “I am proud that I am fighting against a noble enemy like him.

11.   Honesty is the best policy / truthfulness has its reward

Once there lived a poor wood-cutter. But he was very honest. Every day he went out to cut wood in the jungle. He earned his livelihood by selling wood in the market. One day while he was cutting wood beside a river, suddenly his axe slipped out of his hand and fell into deep water. The axe was the only means of his livelihood and at his grave loss. He became very much grieved and began to weep bitterly.
His bitter cry drew the attention of the water-goddess. She rose up and asked him. “Why do you weep, good man? The woodcutter told her of his serious loss. The water-goddess took pity on him.  She dived in to the water and brought one golden axe and asked him, is this your axe?
“No”, replied the wood-cutter. Then the goddess again dived into the brought a sliver axe. This time also the wood-cutter said that it was not his axe. So the water-goddess dived for the third time and brought the actual axe of the when the water goddess gave him all the three axes.

12.   A little learning is a dangerous

There lived a man in a village. He had a great attraction to English and so he went to a teacher. The teacher began to teach him. But the man was dull- headed. His teacher tried his best to teach him English but the man could not understand the rules of grammar. However, the teacher released him. The man grasped only three English words. He learned ‘yes’, no ‘and ‘very well’, But the man did not know their meaning. He came to his own village and told the villagers that he was well versed in English. He used the three words while speaking with any man. If anybody asked him any question or discussed a thing with him, he would say either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or ‘very well’.
One night, a theft took place in a house of the village and the police was informed of it. A police officer went to that place for investigation. He asked everybody if he knew anything about the theft. But the villagers told him that they did not know did it and how. At last the police officer said to the man. “Do you know anything about the theft? I think you have done it.”  The man them and there said, yes. The police officer again inquired. “Have you any objection if we take you under the custody of the police?” he answered, ‘No’ then the police officer said to him. “We will arrest you now”. The man proudly said, very well. “Thus he was arrested and put to jail; from the story noted above we learn the moral that the man with a little learning in English brought ruin on himself. He courted his own disaster.

13.   Where there is a will there is a way / Necessity is the mother of invention

It was a summer day and a crow became very thirsty. It went here and there in search of drinking water but in vain. The crow did not lose hope to get water. He found a jar at a little distance. He flew to jar but he found that the jar had only a little water at the bottom. The crow tried to get at the water with his beak but he failed. He discovered that the water was too low for him to get. All on a sudden, he saw some stones lying near the jar. He picked up the stones one by one and dropped them into the jar. As a result, the water in the jar rose up gradually and at last the crow was able to drink. Thus the crow tried again and again and at last succeeded.

14.   Wisdom of King Solomon

Everyone has heard of Solomon. The king of the Jews was famous all over the world for his wealth and magnificence and specially for his wisdom. The Queen of Sheba heard much about the grandeur of Solomon’s court and the worldwide reputation of his learning and wisdom. Attracted by such reports. She came to test the king. She brought with her two garlands of flowers-one natural and the other artificial. She placed them before the king to take the natural one. Solomon was puzzled for a time. While pondering he noticed some bees humming for honey in a withered rose. He asked the windows to be opened. The bees came in and settled on the natural flowers and thus solved the riddle of the Queen. The Queen of Sheba was surprised and went admiring the king as of great wisdom.

15.   Deep meditation makes one forgetful of petty thing

Sir Isaac Newton used to be deeply occupied with study of the difficult problems. He used to be forgetful about the daily necessaries of his life. On one occasion he was he was very much engaged with some problems. During breakfast time, the housekeeper sent a maid a maid –Servant to boil him an egg in his study. The maid servant wanted to boil the egg, but sir lsaac would not allow her to stay. So, she left the egg on the table by the side of his wrist watch. The egg was to be boiled only for three minutes. Sir Isaac instead of putting the egg on the sauce-pan. Put the wrist watch unmindfully and was boiling it. The maid servant came and became surprised to see this incident.

16.   Greatness lies in sympathy

Philip Sydney was wounded in a battle. The bone of his thigh was broken. Yet he walked about a mile and reached his camp. He was very thirsty and became almost fainted with the great exertion. He asked for a cup of water. The water was instantly brought in for him. But when he was about to put the cup to his mouth he found that an ordinary soldier was looking at the cup wishfully. He was so long uncared for. The generous Philip Sydney then handed over the cup to the soldier, instead of taking himself, saying : “thy necessity is greater than mine. “

17.   Wise men always lay by something for future

On a winter evening a grasshopper became very hungry and came to the ant for some food grain. The ant was diligent and he stored the food for the winter. He had no want. He had plenty. The hungry grasshoppercame to the ant and said, “Brother, help me with few corns. I am very hungry.”
The ant became surprised and said. “What did you so in summer? Did you not store up anything for winter?
The grasshopper answered, “I am sorry, brother, I spent the summer singing and could not so anything. That is why I am in trouble”.
The ant became annoyed and said. Then go away and dance during the whole of winter. If you do not work you cannot get food”.

18.   Black takes no other hue or Evil always remains an evil

Once in a cold winter morning when a villager was going to his field he found a snake half dead with cold, lying by the side of the road. The villager took pity upon it, brought it home and placed it by the fire side. He then gave it warm mild and made the snake comfortable. When the snake became well, he began to play with the children of the villager and, for a time, the snake behaved very well. But the snake was wicked to the backbone, and while playing one day with the children of the villager, eh bit one of them. At this the villager became very angry and with his axe he killed the snake.

19.   Evil has its own excuses. Or, evil is always an evil

A mischievous dog made his bed on some sweet hay which was stored up for the ox. The ox came in hungry and seeing the dog on the hay, requested him to go away so that he might make a food of it. But the dog growled at him. He would not let him touch the hay thought the dog would never take the hay. Rather the dog mischievously told him. “I do not take it, and will never allow anybody to take It.” the ox became disappointed and went away.

20.   Do not believe a rogue

There was a fox. He was very bad. By chance he fell into a well. The sides of the well were steep and he could not come out of it. A goat happened to pass by the road and looked down. Seeing the fox there, the goat said to him, “What are you doing there.” The clever fox replied, “The sweetest of waters are here in the well. Do you like to drink it?” the goat became tempted and got down into the well. He drank a little water also. Then the clever fox somehow managed to get on the back of the goat and jumped out of the well. The goat remained there.

21.   He prayeth best who loved best both great or small

Once upon a time there was an honest and a pious man. His name was Abu-Ben-Adhen. He was once sleeping peacefully. Suddenly he woke up and saw an angel writing the name of the persons who loved God. He inquired on him whether his name was there. But the angel said. “No, your name is not here”. He then requested to put his name in the list; because he loved mankind and his fellow brethren. The angel took down his requests and went away; he again appeared the next night and showed Abu that his name was at the top of the list of those who received the blessing of God

22.   Slow and steady wins the race

Once there lived a hare and a tortoise in a certain place. The hare was proud of his swift foot and he used to ridicule the tortoise for its slow pace. Time and again the hare used to throw challenge to the tortoise. The tortoise being tired of such challenging moods once accepted the challenge. He said, “Though I am slow, yet I will beat you in arace”. The hare laughed and negligently agreed to run a race. The race began. The hare was sure of his success. After going few paces, he lay down to sleep, thinking that within a few seconds he may overtake the tortoise. He lay down to sleep, thinking that within a few seconds he may overtake the tortoise. But the tortoise ran on and on. He ran on slowly, but steadily. When the tortoise was about to reach the goal, the hare woke up and began to move faster and faster. But it was too late. To his shame and sorrow, he found that tortoise in his slow but steady paces had gone to the point.

23.   Greed brings in disaster

Once upon a time greedy dogs steal a piece of meat from a nearby house, and holding it in his mouth he began to cross the river over a narrow bridge. While doing so he chanced to look down, and saw his own shadow reflected in the clear water of the river. He mistook it for another living dog with a bigger piece of meat. He decided to snatch that away from that dog and thought to make a feast with the two. But while he tried to do that, he dropped done his own piece of meat, which

24.   Help may come even from the smallest of your friends

Once a lion was asleep in a deep forest. A little mouse was there. He ran over the lion’s body several times. The lion got up and felt much disturbed. He caught the mouse in anger and was about to kill him. The poor mouse begged to be excused for that time. He confessed his guilt. He further told the lion that he would pay back his kindness someday. The lion laughed at the mouse and let him go.
One day the lion was caught in a trap. He began to roar loudly and tried to break away the trap, but failed. The mouse heard the lion’s roaring. He came to spot and cutting the ropes of the net, he set the lion free.

25.   Grapes are sour

Once a hungry fox was searching for food in the forest. After a while he came to a vineyard. He was tempted by the fine bunches of ripe grapes. The grapes were hanging high. The fox thought of having a good meal of the ripe grapes. So he jumped to reach the grapes. But the grapes were too high for the fox to reach. The poor fox became tired. So he went away dejected. He consoled himself by saying that the grapes sour and he did not want them.

26.   Unity is strength

Once upon a time there was an old farmer. He lived with his wife and three sons in a small village. The three sons always quarreled with each other. One day, the sons went quarrelling again and the and farmer heard them. In order to teach them the value of unity he called his sons beside him and told them to bring him three sticks and some rope, the three boys went and brought the sticks and rope for their father. The old farmer then tied the sticks together with the rope. Then he asked his sons to break the bundle of sticks. The three boys tried and tried but they couldn’t bread the bundle of sticks. Then their father untied the sticks and gave one stick to each of his sons. He told them to break the sticks. This time they all broke their sticks easily. Then the old farmer told his sons that nobody could do any harm to the if they remained united.

27.   Dividing of the bread between two cats

Once there lived two cats in a house. One day they stole a piece of bread from their neighbouring house. But the problem arose how to divide it because each. Of the cats wanted the larger part. When they failed to reach any conclusion, they went to a monkey who is considered to be the wisest of all the animals. They requested the money to divide the bread equally.
The monkey brought a pair of scales. He torn out the bread in to two pieces and put them on the scales. He told the cats that one piece was clearly heavier than the other. So, he bit off a part of the bigger piece. As a result the other piece became heavier. Then the monkey took a part from the heavier piece and put it on the scales. The monkey continued doing the same thing again and again until there remained only one piece of bread.
Now, the cats told the monkey to return that piece to them. They said that they themselves would divide the bread equally. But the monkey said that he toiled much to divide the bread equally. So he wanted it as his fee. Saying so the monkey at up that piece also. The cat left the place in a very sad mood but the incident made them wise also.

28.   A friend in need is a friend indeed

 Once upon a time two friends went on a journey. They had to go through a forest on the way. As they came through the wood, they saw a bear approaching. Both of them because alternative, but suddenly one of them climbed up a tree. The other finding no head and smelt his body. As he lay down without breathing. The bear took him to be dead and went away. Seeing the bear going away, the other man came down the tree. He then said to his friend, “what did the bear whisper into your ear?”
His friend replied, “He gave me a piece of god advice.”
What is that? He asked.
 He told his friend that the bear said, “Do not trust a friend who leaves you alone in a danger.”

29.   Grasp all, lose all          Or, Greed brings downfall

Once a farmer had a goose. It used to lay a golden egg every day. The farmer used to sell them in the market and within a short time he became quite solvent. But his wife was very greedy. She wanted to be very rich overnight. She told herself, “Surely, there are a good number of golden eggs in its stomach. So, there’s no use of getting one egg a day. We can get all the eggs at a time by cutting the belly of the goose. “She suggested her husband to do so. But her husband was very intelligent. He did not agree with her proposal. One day when the farmer went to his farm, his greedy wife took a sharp knifeand cut belly of the goose. She did not find any egg. Rather the goose .died. Thus it is for her greed she lost all hopes of becoming prosperous.

30.   A fox without a tail

Once there lived a very clever fox in a jungle. One day, when the fox was walking through the jungle, he fell into a trap. He could anyhow get out of the trap, but he lost his tail. Without tail he looked strange and he felt very sad ashamed. But the fox was very cunning. He thought and thought and finally hit upon a plan.
He invited all other foxes of the jungle in a meeting. When all other foxes attended the meeting. He said to them, “ I’ve invited you to tell about a very important discovery of mine. There is no use of tail in our life. Rather it is an extra burden for us. Without tail I feel myself very light. Now I can run faster than before. so,you all should cut off your tails. This speech of the fox elated many of the foxes.  They said, “you ‘re right. We’ll cut off our tails without wasting time.” At that moment one old wise fox stood up and said in anger.” Don’t follow this rogue. He has lost his tail in a trap. Now, he looks strange. He wants to look like him.” Hearing this all the foxes became very angry with the cunning fox. He fled away in fear and saved his life.

31.   A farmer and a donkey

Once a farmer had a donkey. He thought himself to be very clever. He used to carry heavy load of his master alone to a market which was on the other side of river. One morning when the donkey reached the river. He decided to make his journey shorten by wading across the water.
But at one stage e reached a very deep spot. He had to swim to cross the river. Fortunately, he was carrying sacks of salt on that day. So, a large portion of the salt diluted in the water. As a result the load became light became light and he could easily cross the river. He felt very proud of himself. He decided that next time onwards he would follow the same way.
But the monkey did not know that the next day he was carrying a load of sponger. When he reached the river, he started wading through the river. But this time the load became so heavy soaking water that the donkey drowned. Though he thought himself clever, really he is foolish. And for his foolishness, he died.

32.   The lion and the mouse or,  

          Help may come even from the smallest of your friends

One day a lion was sleeping in its cave. A mouse was playing nearby. While playing it by chance it ran over the lion’s body. At this, the lion woke up and became very angry. With a terrible roar he caught the mouse and said, “you tiny creature, how dare you tease me? I will kill you. “The mouse began to tremble in fear and begged for its life. It also said. “Your majesty, I am a little creature but I can help others. Please let me go, sooner or later, I may help you. Besides, if you kill me, it will bring no fame to you.” Hearing this. The lion burst into laughter and said, “o you! Are you suitable to help me?” However, he set the mouse free and told me to do its own job. After sometime, the lion fell into a hunter’s trap. The lion tried his best to be free from the net but could not. He began to roar and said, “Save me please, save me please. “ Listening this, the mouse came swiftly and found the lion in a trap. The mouse said, “your Majesty, please don’t worry and keep quiet. I well-cut cut the net into pieces and thereby you will be able to come out. The mouse cut the net into pieces and the lion became free. Being free, the lion said, “You are small in size but worthy. You have saved my life and many thanks to you.” In fact, the strong or mighty someone is also dependent on the weak one. From then, the lion was kind hearted to the tiny creatures. From the story we learn that we should have fellow feelings among us and rich should show kindness to the poor.

33.   Slow and steady wins the race

          Or, pride Goes Before a Fall

Long ago there lived a hare in a forest. He was always proud of his speed. A tortoise also lived nearby. The hare always teased the tortoise for his slow speed. The hare said, “You have as many legs as I have. But I am sure you can’t run as fast as I can. Perhaps, you can’t run at all.” At this, the tortoise became very angry and said, “You can run fast, no doubt. Run at all. But I think you can talk even faster than you can run.” Then the tortoise made a proposal to run a race with the hare. The hare gladly accepted his proposal and said, “Listen friend tortoise, you are simply going to waste your time my time as well. You have a good idea about my speed. To beat you to me is as easy as taking some tender grass from the filed”. The tortoise replied. “I know your speed but there is still something that I know but you don’t know. I am going to capitalize on that.” However, they both went to a fox and asked him to be the judge of their race is over. “However, they both went to a fox and asked him to be the judge of their contest. They met a cross road. The judge read out some rules to be followed by both of them. The destination of the race was also marked. Finally, the unequal race began. The hare, from the beginning, started at the top speed and soon left the tortoise far behind. Crossing almost half of the distance the hare looked back. He found no sign of the tortoise. The hare smiled and said to himself, “I am really a fool; I have run so fast for nothing. The hare smiled and said to himself, “I am really a fool. I have run so fast in the hot sun with the slow speed tortoise? I will start again when the tortoise will about to catch me and before that I can take rest for a while. “The hare took rest and at one point he fell asleep. On the contrary, the tortoise continued running as fast he could. On the way he found the hare sleeping and silently ran past him. While the hare as sleeping, the tortoise came near the destination. In the meantime, the hare woke up and started running very fast. But he was too late. When he reached near the destination, he found the tortoise sitting on the last line i.e. the goal. They had no way to defeat the tortoise and he failed. Winning the race the tortoise became very happy and the felt ashamed of his tall talk. So, we should be great through our deeds and not by tall talks.

34.   Failure is the pillar of Success

It was long since Robert Bruce had been the king of Scotland. He was a good ruler and a brave warrior. He loved freedom. Scotland was then under the domination of England. Robert Bruce wanted to gain freedom of his country and fought against the English. He met the English soldiers in six battles one by one. But he was defeated each time. At last, he lost heart and gave up the hope of success. Robert Bruce was dethroned. His enemies were trying to capture him. He became a fugitive. He roamed about in search of a shelter. He was moving in hills and forests. At last, he took shelter a cave.
One day the king was lying in the cave. He thought and thought over his misfortune. At that moment, he found a spider trying to reach the ceiling. His attention was drawn to the repeated efforts of the spider. It was trying hard again and again. The spider crawled up a few inches and then dropped on its silken thread. But it did not give up its attempts. It tried again and again and on the seventh time it began successful. The sight of the spider encouraged the king. He thought the spider was not disheartened in spite of repeated failure. But it went on trying and again and again, and at last it came out successful. It raised a new hope in the king. He came out of the cave and began to gather forces. In his last effort, he came out successful. Scotland was at last free. From the story it is proved that patience and repeated endeavours can bring anyone success.

35.   Where there is a will there is a way / Necessity is the mother of invention/ A thirsty crow

It was a hot day in summer, there was scorching heart of the sun. On that day a crow became very thirsty. It wanted to drink but there was no water around it. So, it began to fly and look for water. It flew on and on in search of water but in vain. Then it took a rest as it was tired. After that it started flying in search of water for the second time. All on a sudden, it found a jar in a field. Its joys knew no bounds seeing the jar. So, it flew sown near the jar. When it peeped into the far, to its surprise it found a little water at the bottom of the jar, it tried heart and soul to reach the water level but failed because the neck of the jar was too narrow for the crow to enter into it. Then it thought it had to leave the place without drinking. When was about to leave the place, a new plan came to his mind, it found some pebbles scattered around the jar. It picked the pebbles one after another into the jar. As a result, the water level of the far rose up. When the water came near its reach, it drank it and quenched its thirst and flew away. From the above story, we can clearly say that where there is a will, there is a way.

36.   A liar shepherd or Falsehood brings destruction

There lived a shepherd boy in a certain village. He used to graze a flock of sheep near a forest. It was not very far from his village. Besides his usual duty he sang and played flute. But the boy had a bad habit. He used to tell a lie on the slightest excuse. He also used to make fun by telling lies. One day he wanted to make a fun with the villagers. The villagers knew him well. They were simple and very helpful. They used to help others in times of danger. One day, the shepherd boy began to shout, “Wolf! Wolf! Help!” the villagers heard his cry and ran to help him. But when they cane near him, they found no wolf there and the boy laughed at them. In this way, the boy be fooled the villagers.   The villagers became very angry for this. They did not punish him but warned him not to do it again. A few days later, the shepherd boy again made the same fun. The villagers came again to help him but found no wolf there. They felt very much bored. They rebuked him but the boy did not pay heed to them and kept laughing. At the time of their departure, they said, “if you cry out for help again, we will not come because you are a liar.” One day at afternoon, while the boy was grazing the sheep in the field, suddenly he saw that a wolf really fell upon his sheep and began to kill them. The boy became very afraid and shouted, “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help! A wolf is in my sheep! Come and help me!” the villagers heard him but they thought it to be his new fun. Nobody came to help him. The wolf not only feasted on the sheep but also killed the shepherd. Afterwards, when his dead body was found, the villagers kept saying for a time being, “if he didn’t tell lies, we would respond his cry and perhaps he might avoid the danger.” So, we should always speak the truth and it is very unwise to make fun by telling lies.

37.   An idle king

Once there was an old king. He was averse to physical labour. As a result, he grew very fat and could not move from one place to another easily. He called on a doctor. The doctor was very clever and wise. We he could easily understand that the idleness of the king is the root cause of his obesity. He thought that if he could reduce the obesity of the king. He (k) would feel well. Bu the only way to do this was to advise the king to do physical labour. The doctor was afraid how he could ask a king for physical labour. He also thought that if he advised him to do physical labour and if the king didn’t do so, he would grow more bulky. Finally, he hit upon a plan. He told the king that his (k) physical condition was not good at all and that’s why he needed immediate treatment. Hearing this, the king became gloomy and told the doctor to do everything for his cure. The doctor assured him saying that there was only one then, the doctor gave him a club and told him to brandish it in the morning and in the evening for at least one hour each day. At the very beginning day, when the king started brandishing the club, he became very tired. Sweat came out of his body and he found the task very difficult. He had no way but to do that. The king continued doing the job for one month. After a month, he found himself fresh and healthy. His bulky body became normal and he looked very smart. After a month, the doctor called on the king in his palace. The king was very happy to see the doctor. The doctor told the king that physical labour is the best medicine to keep the body fit. The king understood the doctor’s technique. He praised the doctor and thanked him for prescribing such a good medicine for him. He also rewarded him.

38.   Value of attire / Dress doesn’t make one great

Sheikh Saadi was a great poet in Iran. He used to lead a very simple life. Once on hisway to the court of the king of Iran.  He took shelter in a nobleman’s house for a night. He was then in very simple dressed. The servants of that house took him for and ordinary man. They did not care for his comfort at all. They gave simple food. Saadi felt very sad but did not tell anything to anybody and somehow passed the night. In the morning, he started for the court.  He reached the court and stayed there for some days. On his way back home, he again took shelter in that nobleman’s house. This time he was in rich clothes. The nobleman took him to be an elite one as he noticed him in gorgeous dress. He welcomed him very cordially and showed him much respect. After some time, the servants came with rich food for him. Saadi understood the reason why he was treated so nicely. So, he decided to teach him a good lesson. When he sat down to eat, a strange thing happened. Instead of eating the delicious foods, he began to put them into his pockets. The nobleman as well as his servants was surprised at this. The nobleman asked politely. “What are you doing sir? Saadi replied, “I am doing the right the right thing. Some days ago when I came to your house in plain dress, nobody cared for my comfort. Now, I’m in gorgeous dress and all of you are showing respect to me and serving rich food.  I think, it is no I but my dress which has earned this food. So, I’m putting them into my pockets. “hearing this, the nobleman understood his fault. He was very much ashamed and begged saadi’s pardon.

39.   The mother arouses in a real mother
Once upon a time, there lived two families in a village. The two families lived side by side. Two women of the two families were not in good term with one another on different issues. By chance, they became pregnant and were about to bear children. At the eleventh hour of their bearing children, they were taken to the same houses. A nurse was there to look after the two child bearing mothers. At the time of delivery, the nurse allowed none in the house. The nurse found that one woman bore a baby boy but she became senseless just after the birth of the child. On the other hand, the other woman bore dead baby boy and she was in a pensive mood for bearing a dead child. She at once hit upon a plan. She somehow managed the nurse and replaced her dead child by the alive of that woman. After a few minutes, the woman got her sense and cried out loudly seeing the dead child beside her. She could not believe that this dead child was hers. She became almost. The nurse told a lie about the two children. Finding no other way, the woman went to the Quazi for justice. The Quazi listened to woman’s prayer. Then, he summoned the two women. He asked them to let him know the truth. Both the women claimed for the a live baby boy. At last, the Quazi hit upon a plan. He decided to solve the problem technically. He informed both the women that he would cut the baby into two equal pieces and give one piece to each of them. At this, the real mother of the baby into two equal pieces and give one piece to each of them. At this the real mother of the baby burst into tears and said, “your majesty, please, don’t kill my baby. Allow it to live and give it to that woman so that I may feel that my baby is still alive with her.” The false mother, on the other hand, kept silent and did not utter even a single word. In this way, the fact was detected and the Quazi handed the baby boy to its real mother and punished the pretended and false mother of the child.

40.   A just ruler and a brave quazi

Gias Uddin Azam Shah was a great ruler of Bengal. He was very kind and just. He was fond of hunting. One day he went on hunting at a nearby jungle. He aimed at a fawn but his arrow missed its target and pierced a boy who was standing at the jungle at the jungle. The boy instantly died. Unfortunately the boy was the only son of a widow. He was her only hopes and aspiration. The sudden and premature death of her son by a powerful ruler shocked her much. She could not control her mind because she had lost her last belonging. With great grief in her mind. She went to the Quazi and complained against the ruler. She also prayed for justice. The Quazi was a strict judge of the time. Eh summoned the ruler to appear before him. All the well-wishers and the staff of the Quazi were surprised to hear that and requested him to change his decision. But the Quazi was determined to ensure justice. However, Gisa Uddin Azam appeared before the court of the Quazi and admitted his guilt. The Quazi ordered him to pay full compensation to the widow. Gias Uddin Azam Shah instantly carried out the Quazi’s order and paid the fine. While the ruler was leaving the court, he drew his sword and said to the Quazi, “if you failed to carry out your duties as a judge out of fear of me, I would have punished my verdict. I would punish you with showed a cane. “The ruler was very happy to hear such an answer from the Quazi. Actually, the judiciary of the then Bengal was free and fair and the rulers were also just and noble.

41.   A true friend and a false friend

Once there were three friends in a forest. They were a deer, a crow and a jackal. One day the crow saved the deer from a hunter. Since that day the crow and the deer were great friends.
One day the crow was ill and he could not go with the deer. The deer went to the field alone. The jackal saw the deer and wanted to cat its flesh. The jackal made a plan and made friendship with the deer. Then the deer introduced the jackal to the crow. Since them they were all friends.
One day the jackal took the deer to a field to eat corn. The deer began to eat corn from that field every night the farmer set a net. The deer did not see the set and walked into it. The jackal saw the deer in the net but did not help him. He said to himself, then I shall have a good meal. The jackal then hid himself in a bush.
The crow,” said the deer. “Your words have come true. We must not make be in danger, “he thought. So he began to search for his friend. After searching for a long time he found him caught in the net.
“Dear crow,” said deer, “your words have come true. We must not make friends with strangers. The jackal is a false friend. He brought me here and now I can’t get out of the net.
I will save your life. Said the crow. In the morning the crow to the deer. “When you hear me cawing. please jump up and run away as fast as you can. “The crow then sat on the deer’s head and pretended to strike him with his beak.
The farmer saw the deer and thought him to be dead. He then took the deer out of the net, put it aside and began to fold up the net.
 The crow at once cawed. The deer jumped up and ran away as quickly as he could. The farmer took up his club and threw it at the deer. It did not hit the deer but it hit the jackal behind in the bush and it dropped down dead.

42.   The proud crow

Once a crow became very sad thinking of his ugly colour. He always thought of becoming beautiful. But he could not find out any way to become beautiful. Once he got a chance. He found some feathers of a peacock in a jungle. He did not miss the opportunity. He took the feathers one by one and stuck them in among his own feathers. Then he looked at him and became overwhelmed with joy thinking him to be as beautiful as a cuckoo. He thought that he should no longer live with the crows. So, he made up his mind to live with peacocks. But peacocks understood easily that actually he was a crow in the guise of a peacock. All peacocks gathered together and attacked him. They pulled out all the false feathers and drove him away. Finding no other way he returned to the crows. But the crows did not accept him. They also drove him away. The crows realized his fault. He apologized to all the crows. He also promised that he would never be ever ambitious or show any falsehood.

43.   The wolf and the crane

Once there lived a wolf in a deep forest. It was very ferocious. He always did harm to other animals. So, all the animals in the forest were scared of him. But they did not dare protest against it. They were quite helpless.
One day the wolf saw a young lamb grazing at the foot of a small hill. He thought to himself, “what a healthy lamb it is! Its flesh would be very delicious. So, I shall make a good meal of it.” saying so he fell upon the young lamb, tore him to pieces and started devouring the delicious flesh. Suddenly, a bone got stuck in his throat. It tired to get rid of it but could not. He was seeking help from the animals he saw around him. But none came forward to help him.
Then the wolf saw a crane with long beak fishing by the river sider. The crane was very hungry because he could not catch any fish for a long time. The wolf went near the crane and told him a soft voice, “Hellow, my dear friend, you seem to be very pale. Are you hungry”? The crane replied, “Yes, I am really very hungry. I very been looking for fish since morning, but I found no food here. The wolf assured him saying, “Don’t worry you please help me to bring out the bone from my throat with you beak and in return I will give you a delicious meal.
The crane believed the wolf. He brought out the bone from the throat of the wolf. The wolf got relief and became very happy. The crane then wanted the wolf to fulfill his promise by giving him a delicious meal. The wolf said, “You have already got your return. “  “How?” asked the crane. Wolf said. “I could easily swallow you when you entered your beak into my throat. Bur I showed you sympathy. So you should be grateful to me.
The crane could smell his imminent danger and flew away immediately.

44.   The king and the people of Gotham

A long time ago people did not like their king to visit their villages. After a king had walked on their land, they thought it belonged to him forever.
For this reason, the people of Gotham once turned king. John away. He was angry with them. And sent his offices to punish them for their rudeness. The people thought of a plan to make the king feel sorry for them.
When the officers reached Gotham, they saw many strange things. Some men were trying to kill a fish by putting it into a bowl of water. Others were rolling their vegetables down a hill, so that they could find their own way to market. There men building a wall round a tree—so that birds singing in the tree could not escape. Everyone was doing something foolish. The officers thought that Gotham was a village of fools. And the people were never punished.

45.   The cunning fox

One evening a hungry fox came to a farm-house. There was a big lying outside the house. It was tied to a tree by a rope. A woman came out of the house and put a plate of meat on the ground. She put it near enough for the dog to reach it. perhaps the dog was not hungry, because it did not eat the meat.
The fox had not eaten anything for two days, but it was afraid of the dog. The fox began to walk slowly round the tree. The dog was very angry and tried to attack the fox. But the rope was not long enough. The fox walked round the tree, and the dog followed it, round and round. The rope was also going round the tree and becoming shorter and shorter. At last and ran away rope was too short for the dog to reach the plate. Then clever for up the meat and ran away.

46.   A fisherman and a fish

Long, long ago, there lived an old fisherman and his wife. They lived in a hut beside the sea. the fisherman used to catch fish with his net and his old wife used to make thread. Thus they were passing their life. One day, the fisherman went to the sea with his net. He threw the net and pulled it up. But there was some mud and nothing else in the net. The second time came up some grass. The third time, a fish was caught. It was a nicegolden fish.
The fisherman was very glad to see the fish. But when he was about to touch it, it spoke out, “Oh good old man! Please, set me free and let me go. I promise, I’ll give you all that you may ask for. “The fisherman was astonished. He requested the fish to place him above want. After that he freed the fish and went home. When he reached home, he became wondered seeing a palatial building with all amenities with the things they got. She told her husband to demand more to the fish.
The old man went to sea-shore with trembling steps. With tears in his eyes, he called the fish again. The golden fish came to him and said. “Tell me, oh good old man,” the old man tried to utter the words of his wife many times but he failed. So, the fish said again. “oh good old man! Don’t hesitate. Tell me what you want.“  “I don’t want anything,” said he. My greedy wife has forced me to come to you once again. She wishes to be the empress of all a strong lash of her tail on the water; she went sown deep into the blue sea.
The old man got up from the sea-shore and went home with slow steps. When he reached home, he found to his surprise that his old wife was sitting in front of the hut with the broken wooden vessel beside her.

47.   The king and the astrologer

Once upon a time there was a king who was very fond of knowing his future from the astrologers. A famous astrologer happened to stop at his capital on his way to Benares. The king called on him to know about his future and the astrologer told him something unpleasant. At this the king got furious and condemned him to death saying, “Men like you should not live to spoil the peach of the world.” But another thought had crossed his mind before the astrologer was removed for execution. “How long will you live?” asked the king. With ready wit the astrologer said, “the stars declare that I shall die only a week before Your Majesty. So, good-bye. “Hearing this king turned pale like a dead man and shouted, “Drive this wretch away, let him not come here again.

48.   Tit for tat

There lived a buffalo and fox in a jungle on the bank of a river. They were great friends one day the fox said to the buffalo “oh, friend, there is a fine green field of maize, it stands on the other side of the river. the maize plant is good for a hearty meal for you. Moreover, I shall get crabs and fish by the side of the river. please take me across the river.
The buffalo agreed to this proposal. So he asked and began to eat. The fox began to run up and down the bank of the river. he was in search of crabs and fish. He ate more and more crabs that he could find. As the fox was smaller than the buffalo, he could satisfy his hunger in a short time. But this time the buffalo could not eat as much as he needed. Meanwhile the fox began to run about in the field in joy. He did not forget to howl with all his might. The villagers heard the fox howling.
The villagers came out of the villager in a body to drive the fox away. But to their surprise they found not only a fox but also a buffalo. They fell on the poor buffalo with sticks and beat him black and blue. Then they followed the fox. Bu they could do no harm to the cunning beast. Soon they became tired, gave up chasing the fox and went home, then the fox came up to the buffalo and said, “It would be better for us to home now. “The buffalo got very angry upon the fox, and said to himself, “I well teach you a good lesson” So he said, very well, get upon my back as you had done before.
The fox, got upon the buffalo’s back. Once again the buffalo began to cross the river. soon they got into the water. The buffalo said to fox.
I always sing after a little dinner. It is a habit I have.
The buffalo waded on through the river. He began to reach deeper and deeper. The buffalo said to fox, “I wish. I dive a little. “Oh! My friend, why do you wish to do so? “Said the fox, “I don’t know. “ replied the buffalo. It is a habit I have, I always like a little dive after dinner.” So saying the buffalo dived into deep water. He shook off the fox as he dived in the river. soon the poor fox was drowned in the following water. The buffalo safely swam ashore.

49.   A stitch in time saves nine

Once there was a farmer in a village. He was very idle. He had a few plots of land. But he did not plough them well. He did not sow seeds in time. So, he could not raise good crops. As a result, he was always in want of food.
The farmer had a kitchen garden near his house. One day he saw that the fencing round the garden was broken. He said to himself, “I shall repair the fencing tomorrow.” But the totally forgot it the next day.
Some days passed by. The farmer did not repair the broken fencing. One day, he sat idle before the house. He saw some goats entering the garden through the broken fence. He called his wife to drive the goats from the garden.
The farmer’s wife was cooking inside the kitchen. She came out and ran into the garden to drive away the goats. A dog was waiting outside the kitchen. When the farmer’s wife went out, the dog entered the kitchen and spoiled some of the food cookedby her.

50.   The pied Piper of Hamelin

It was a long time ago. There was a town in Germany called Hamelin. Hamelin was a small but beautiful town. There was a river on one side and a mountain on the other. The people of Hamelin grew crops in the fields nearby. People lived happily there. They had no worries. They had a mayor to look after their affairs.
But suddenly the town was faced with a great problem. It became full of rats. The rats were very big and fierce. They fought the dogs, killed the cats and bit the babies in the cradles. They ate up the corn in the granaries. They ate up everything they annoyed. They became helpless. They tried to get rid of the problem but found no way.
At last the people came to the town Hall and told the Mayor about their sufferings. The Mayor called up a meeting of his councilors. They talked about different plans. But they could not find any way to kill the rats.
Just then, a tall and thin man with a long coatof many colours and a strange hat on his head entered the room. He had a pipe in his hand.
“Who are you? What do you want?” the Mayor asked. “I’ a piper. You’ve a problem with rats. I can help you. I can kill the rats.
“How?” they asked.
“With my pipe”, he said.
The Mayor asked. “How much do you want for it?”
“One thousand guilders “said the piper.
“We’ll give you ten thousand if you can help us to get rid of the rats,” the Mayor said.
“All right, I’ll do it. But don’t forget your promise.
The pied piper went to the street and took out a pipe from his pocket. Then he began to play the pipe. Soon the rats from every house of Hamelin came out tumbling. There were hundreds of thousands of them. The man went on playing hi pipe. He moved along the streets and the rats followed him. He went down to the bank to the river waser and waded into the river. And every rat that followed him drowned in the river. The piper came back to the Mayor and demanded the promised money.
The mayor thought that the rats were all gone and there was no use giving so much moneyto the piper. He said,” that was only a joke. Take five hundred and go away.”
“No, “said the piper,” I would not take less. “ he was very angry.
The piper left the mayor’s office and stood in the street. He took up his pipe and began to play again. This time it was a different tune. But on hearing the tune, the children to the town began to dance. As the piper walked along the streets, they followed him singing and dancing. The piper was walking towards the mountain. As they came near the mountain, a door opened.  The piper and the children walked into the mountain and the door closed. Only one boy could not follow them because he was lame. The people saw all this and stood helpless. They realized that it was all fault. But it was too late.