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Write a composition on Patriotism/ Patriotism Composition for HSC Exam.



Patriotism is a noble virtue. Patriotism is love of and devotion to one's country. The word is derived from the Latin word for 'father' and it literally means love of the fatherland, or the land of one's father. A true patriot is an unselfish lover of his country. His sincere desire is to serve its best interests in all ways possible to him.

Love for one's own country purifies mind, removes the narrowness of heart and helps one to be selflessly inspired. Man becomes immortal by loving his country, and his patriotism prepares hina to face any odd challenge as fleeting and trivial. In 1971 the people of our motherland got spirited patriotic heroes fought with robust patriotism and thwarted the organized assault of the stronger Pakistani forces. Titumir and Tipu Sultan were defeated by the British but their love for motherland is unparalleled. After the defeat, Titumir's dead body was saluted by the English General. The valiant tale of patriotic Khudiram of the then Indian subcontinent was a glowing example for the contemporary juvenile heroes and till today Khudiram's hanging by the British is reviewed with applause through singing: Value of an individual's life is duly assessed with the magnitude of his patriotism. The creed of politics is patriotism, but the selfish and ambitious role of today's politicians is disappointing.

Patriotism begets humanity. A sign of patriotism is implied in the sword of Isa Khan. Rabindranath and Nazrul Islam kept patriotism high in their writings and songs. Actually everybody should perform his assigned duty and endeavour to contribute to the state welfare.

Homeland is a great asset to men. At the time of our country's distress or danger we should be ready to stand by her, to work for her, to lay down our lives for her, if need be. We should love our country because she is bred into our bones everyday of our life. The English poet Sir Walter Scott


“Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,

Who never to himself hath said,

This is my own, my native land!"

Patriotism Composition
Patriotism Composition  

Sample: 02

Write a composition on Patriotism / Patriotism composition in 300 words for HSC Exam       



Patriotism is a deep love of a man for his motherland, the land of his birth. It is a great human quality. It is also a divine virtue. It is very important for the progress and independent existence of every country. A man having this virtue is called a patriot.

Patriotism consists in whole hearted devotion to a man's country. A true patriot works selflessly for the good of his native land. He is bold and leads a dignified life. He always wants the welfare of the country. He devotes his life to her cause and sacrifices himself to defend her honour.

A true patriot must love his own country and does everything for the betterment of his country. He also serves as the source of inspiration to others. He is loved by all and everybody mourns his death.

An unpatriotic man willingly does not sacrifice his life for his country. He does not hesitate to act against the interest of the country. He is hated by all and nobody mourns his death. Narrow patriotism provokes ill feelings between two countries and often leads to war. It is a positive danger. If our patriotism is narrow, we can never move towards the universal brotherhood of man and unity of human race.

The pages of history are filled with the shining examples of patriotism. Mohanlal in the battle of palashy died fighting for the sake of his motherland.

Patriotism is a noble virtue. It is a part of our religion. A true patriot is an ideal citizen of a country. He is the real glory of a nation. A man without patriotism is hated by all. So we should love our country dearly.