Wonders of Modern Science Composition  is important for upcoming jsc, ssc and hsc exam. This composition is very common in any public examination in Bangladesh, India, nepal, Pakistan and other neighbours country. So every student should learn this composition. Here, I have given two example of Wonders of Modern Science Composition. Both are very easy and readable. I hope, these composition will be very helpful for all the students.  Here I have described the uses and abuses of modern science, the importance of modern science, the essential of modern science. 

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Wonders of Modern Science

Modern civilization is the gift of modern science. Today we are living in the age of science. Day and night we use the innumerable discoveries and inventions of science.

Electricity is a great power behind many scientific inventions. The electric lamp lights up our houses. Radio, television, telegraph, telephone, cinema, tape-recorder, photo-copier, VCR, computers and most of the mills and factories are run by electricity. There are also electric trains, printing presses, cookers, irons, fans, sewing machines etc. run by electricity.

Science has conquered space and time. We can go from one place to another in a very short time by train, steamer, plane or rocket. We have already reached the moon. We can now send messages to a great distance in a second. We can talk to anybody in any part of the world by mobile phone. Radio brings songs, music, news, discussions, etc. Television brings pictures even in colour. By FAX, any writing or picture can be sent over great distances very easily. Internet is yet another wonder of modern science.

Spinning of yarn, weaving of cloth and sewing of clothes can be done at a great speed. Food processing, house-building, constructing roads and bridges can be done very quickly. Millions of pages can be printed or reproduced in a short time. A calculator can solve a complicated sum in no time.

Science has discovered the causes of most of the diseases and their remedies. A deadly disease like TB has been conquered. Cholera has also been brought under control. Small pox has been eliminated. The X-Ray and the antibiotic have been very helpful to man. Cornea transplant, by pass surgery, etc. are marvels of medical science.

Science has increased food production greatly. If we can apply the scientific methods properly, there will be no hunger in the world. Tractors, power-pumps, fertilizers, high-yielding varieties of crops and irrigation techniques have revolutionised agriculture.

But science is not an unmixed blessing. Science has also invented guns, bombs, and missiles, battleships and war planes, chemical weapons and nuclear war heads. Because of the invention of various kinds of machinery items, many people are gradually becoming unemployed. As a result, science brought in endless miseries in the life of the people. Moreover, the invention of nuclear weapons have given rise to a good number of wars including the two World Wars, causing untold plight in human life. The world is now under threat of the imminent Third World War. World people have today started thinking of the effect of science – whether it is a blessing or a curse.

Wonders Of Modern Science Composition


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Blessings/ Wonders of Modern Science

The range of the influences of science on our everyday life is so vast. So we cannot describe them in short. The people living in towns or cities enjoy most of the facilities of modern science. But the people living in the villages can't be benefited largely by science.

Modern communication is so well that we can move to any place whenever we like. It does not take much time to move to any place whenever we like. Motor cars, aeroplanes, trains, all these play a vital role in this matter. But before the invention of these wonderful things it was much troublesome to move anywhere. Science has discovered processes to purify and supply drinking water. Mills, factories and industries can't be thought of without science.

Science has been able to relieve human sufferings. A modern man dares to fight any critical disease bravely. A patient is examined scientifically. A doctor uses scientific instruments such as X-ray, ultraviolet ray to cure a patient.

The sector of education has also been influenced by science. Information technology has helped the teachers and students acquire knowledge widely. A student can get any information on any subject just using the internet. With the help of science we can acquire knowledge comfortably by these wonders.

The release of nuclear energy is one of the most wonderful inventions of science. It has performed the manufacturing of the Atom Bomb, the Hydrogen Bomb and the missiles. Atomic energy has immense possibility to be used for peaceful and constructive purposes.

Computer is one of the greatest blessings of modern science. Our everyday life is intimately related to computer. We can be benefited by computer in various ways. We can get much recreation using a computer. Examination results can be accurately given by computer within the shortest span of time. We can count by computer. We can reserve data by computer. It is computer that helps man to conquer the space.

Science is meant for the service of humanity. Without the blessings of science we can't run our everyday life. It is our responsibility to use the blessings of science in a proper way.