HSC 2023 Short Syllabus PDF has been published today. The short syllabus of all subjects for science group of HSC 2023 has published by the National Curriculum and Text Book Board (NCTB). The recently Published HSC Short Syllabus 2023 is given here for science student. 

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New HSC 2023 Short Syllabus for Science Student has been published. Students at the HSC level in the Department of Science can go to the bottom of our website and download your department-based sock syllabus. Since you will not get much time for exams, these syllabi are very important for you. Depending on the short syllabus, you need to prepare for the exam and participate in the exam. Since it is not possible to prepare for a full book in a short time, this short syllabus is now the real hope of the students. Therefore, the candidates of HSC 2022 and  2023 must download the short syllabus from our website without any further delay and understand that syllabus well.

HSC 2023 English 2nd paper 

Short Syllabus


Test Item/s Marks

Part A: Grammar (30 marks)

1.    Gap filling activities without clues (for prepositions) .5x10=05

2.    Gap filling activities with clues (special uses: was born, have to/has to, would rather, had better, let  alone, as soon as, what’s…like, what does…look like, introductory ‘there’ or ‘it’)  0.5×10=05

3.    Completing sentences (with clauses/ phrases) 5×1= 5

4.    Use of verbs (right form of verbs and subject-verb agreement as per context) 0.5×10=5

5.    Narrative style (direct to indirect and vice versa) 5

6.    Use of sentence connectors 0.5×10=5

Part-B: Composition (20 marks)

7.    Formal letter writing 10

8.    Writing paragraph (comparison and contrast/ cause and effect) within 200 words. 15




Part 1: Reading (30 marks)


Multiple choice questions 

.5×10 =  05

Short answer questions

    2×5 = 10

Information transfer/flow chart

   1x10 =10

Summary writing

   1x10 =10

Cloze test with clues          (unseen)

 .5×10 = 05

Cloze test without clues    (unseen)

  1×10 = 10

Rearranging                                                             (unseen)


Part 2: Guided Writing (20 Marks)


Writing paragraph


Story Writing


Informal letter


New HSC 2023 Short Syllabus for Science Student, HSC 2023 new Short Syllabus for Science Student, hsc 2023 HSC new Short Syllabus 2023 has published and now you can download. Student who are eagerly waiting for Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) Short Syllabus 2023. Finally their waiting time is over. Recently National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) has publish HSC Short Syllabus 2023 on their official website and daily online portal. I think it is a great news for all HSC candidates. According to the short syllabus HSC examination of 2023 will be held. The HSC exam was not held last year due to Corona. However, if the situation is good this year, the Education Board Bangladesh will decide to take the HSC exam. So prepare yourself for HSC exam. By the way first at all you need to download HSC Short Syllabus 2022 and 2023. Below the HSC Short Syllabus 2022 All Subject download option show in front of you.

HSC 2022 New Short Syllabus for Science Student: At present one of the most searchable topic on google is HSC Syllabus. As far as I know, everyone is aware of this issue. But many are quite worried about NCTB HSC Syllabus 2022 and 2023. Because students do not know where to download the syllabus. Chase is being deceived by going to various fake websites. I have come forward to help them overcome this worry. HSCXM is an educational website. Here you can get all type education related information. So you can trust me. For your convenience, we have published the syllabus of each subject in different ways. In addition HSC Syllabus 2022 and 2023 Download link share as PDF file. So you can easily download it from our website. It is totally free for you.

How to download HSC New Syllabus 2022 and 2023?
HSC examination is the second largest public examination in Bangladesh. Candidates goes one step further in education life through HSC examination. However, all educational institutions in the country have been declared closed due to the corona virus. HSC students were given Auto Pass last year due to abnormal situation. Above all When the syllabus publish, students will want to download it. However, without knowing the method you can not get it. Lets show you the method. You can also download the syllabus by visiting our website. In addition you have to visit our website and click on the Suggestion Category and follow the right content.

Click to the following links:

1. Bangla 1_HSC 2022 

2. Bangla 2_HSC 2022

3. English 1_HSC 2022

4. English 2_HSC 2022

5. ICT_HSC 2022

Science Group Syllabus

6. Physics 1_HSC 2022 and 2023

7. Physics 2_HSC 2022  and 2023

8. Chemistry 1_HSC 2022  and 2023

9. Chemistry 2_HSC 2022  and 2023

10. Biology 1_HSC 2022  and 2023

11. Biology 2_HSC 2022  and 2023

12. Higher Math 1_HSC 2022  and 2023

13. Higher Math 2_HSC 2022  and 2023

14. History 1_HSC 2022  and 2023

15. History 2_HSC 2022  and 2023

Art Group Syllabus

16. Islamic History & Culture 1_HSC 2022

17. Islamic History & Culture 2_HSC 2022

18. Civics 1_HSC 2022

19. Civics 2_HSC 2022

20. Economics 1_HSC 2022

21. Economics 2_HSC 2022

22. Logic 1_HSC 2022

23. Logic 2_HSC 2022

24. Sociology 1_HSC 2022

25. Sociology 2_HSC 2022

26. Social work 1_HSC 2022

27. Social work 2_HSC 2022

28. Geography 1_HSC 2022

29. Geography 2_HSC 2022

Commerce Group HSC Syllabus 2022

31. Business Organization and Management 2_HSC 2022

32. Accounting 1_HSC 2022

33. Accounting 2_HSC 2022

34. Finance, Bangking and Insurance 1_HSC 2022

35. Finance, Bangking and Insurance 2_HSC 2022

36. Production Management & Marketing 1_HSC 2022

37. Production Management & Marketing 2_HSC 2022

38. Islam Shikha 1_HSC 2022

39. Islam Shikha 2_HSC 2022

40. Child Development 1_HSC 2022

41. Child Development 2_HSC 2022

42. Food And Nutrition 1_HSC 2022

43. Food And Nutrition 2_HSC 2022

44. Home management1_HSC 2022

45. Home management 2_HSC 2022

46. Agriculture 1_HSC 2022

47. Agriculture 2_HSC 2022

48. Psychology 1_HSC 2022

49. Psychology 2_HSC 2022

50. Statistics 1_HSC 2022

51. Statistics 2_HSC 2022

52. Soil science 1_HSC 2022

53. Soil Science 2_HSC 2022

Business Studies 2022 HSC Syllabus

54. Home Science 1_HSC 2022

55. Home Science 2_HSC 2022

56. Arts and Craft 1_HSC 2022

57. Arts and Craft 2_HSC 2022

58. Arts & Textile 1_HSC 2022

59. Arts & Textile 2_HSC 2022

60. Arabic 1_HSC 2022

61. Arabic 2_HSC 2022

62. Sanskrit 1_HSC 2022

63. Sanskrit 2_HSC 2022

64. Pali 1_HSC 2022

65. Pali 2_HSC 2022

66. Light Music 1_HSC 2022

67. Light Music 2_ HSC 2022

68. Cassical Music 1_HSC 2022

69. Cassical Music 2_HSC 2022

70. ED 1st paper 180

71. ED 2nd paper 222

72. ED 2nd paper 182

73. ED 2nd paper 183

Education Board is a big platform in Bangladesh. There are 11 different boards in our country. Every year a large number of candidates participate in HSC examination. The syllabus and examination routine of each board is the same. But HSC Routine not publish yet. On the other hand HSC Syllabus is publish. So you can collect Board Wise HSC Syllabus from our website. In addition don’t forget to share it with your friends & relatives.

HSC Short Syllabus 2022 is available here. Here we provide subject wise syllabus as PDF file. For download HSC Short Syllabus 2022 click on your desire subject and save it on your device. After open it using adobe reader. If adobe reader is not install then install as soon as possible. Before starting HSC examination we share a short suggestion for you. In addition we share HSC question solution. Until stay with us and follow your website regularly. However if you face any problem then inform us we try to solve your problem as fast as possible. Our expert team is always ready to help you.

2022 and 2023 HSC Compulsory Subjects Syllabus
Finally we are happy to give you HSC Short Syllabus 2022 news. I think candidates are very happy to get it. Although the publication of the syllabus is a few months late. However, the Ministry of Education should welcome this initiative in the short term. Hopefully all the students will be able to complete this 50% syllabus in time. Finally, I ended this article by congratulating all the students. At last Thanks everyone for staying with us.

Depending on the short syllabus, you need to prepare for the exam and participate in the exam. Since it is not possible to prepare for a full book in a short time, this short syllabus is now the real hope of the students. Therefore, the candidates of HSC 2022 must download the short syllabus from our website without any further delay and understand that syllabus well.