Corruption Paragraph: Corruption means dishonest or illegal behavior especially of people in authority present in a country. There is hardly anybody who is not well acquainted with the very word “Corruption“. Today each and every government sector of the country is rotten to the core because of the widespread practice of corruption by the people who are at the helm of power, by the officers, by clerks and so on. Our country has topped the last five times from the viewpoint of corruption. However, there are many reasons behind this corruption. Thirst for power, pelf, wealth and money is the root cause of corruption. Greed, avarice and dishonesty, nepotism and favoritism also contribute to the cause of corruption. The consequence of corruption has a far-reaching negative effect on the socio-economic condition of our country. It has made the country a bottomless basket. It hinders our economic development. By practicing corruption the rich are growing richer and richer and the poor are becoming poorer and poorer. The situation can not in on. It should be checked, controlled and prevented at any cost. They should be rewarded with due punishment. Even their wealth and money can be confiscated and they may be meted with lifelong rigorous imprisonment. The media, Newspapers, magazines, journals, articles and above all the consciousness of the enlightened people can play a vital role in curbing corruption. Now it is time we raised our voice, took necessary steps and punitive measures against the corrupted society.

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  • A paragraph on Corruption in 100 words
  • Corruption Paragraph in 150 words
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Paragraph - 02:

Corruption Paragraph in 100 words for class 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5


Corruption means practices or decisions taken that result in unfavorable solutions for lesser parties. When there is moral degradation, and no amount of honest valuation can make you realize that you have gone on the wrong path, it leads to Corruption. Lust for power and money often are the common reasons for Corruption. Corruption strips a person away from his character, and this leads to the deteriorating ability of duties. There are many political leaders of different countries who are involved in this, and it rapidly spreads to lower levels as well. Countries that are superpowers are also not immune to it.

Corruption Paragraph
Corruption Paragraph

Corruption Paragraph is an important paragraph for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, JSC, SSC and HSC examination. A paragraph on Corruption should be written in 100 words for class 3, 4 and class 5. On the other hand, Corruption Paragraph should be written in 150 words for class 6, 7, 8 and for JSC examination. On the contrary, a paragraph on Corruption should be written in 200 words for class 9, 10 and for SSC examination. For HSC examination, I will suggest to write Corruption Paragraph within 200 words to 250 words. Here, I have given some sample of Corruption Paragraph. I have written here Corruption Paragraph in 100 words for Class 3, 4 and for class 5. Here, Corruption Paragraph has been written in 150 words for class 6, 7 and for class 8. A Paragraph on Corruption has been written here in 200 words for class 9, 10, 11, 12 and SSC, HSC examination.

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Paragraph - 03:

Corruption Paragraph in 150 words  for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, JSC and HSC exam


The use of power for personal interest or gains is termed as corruption. It is a common problem that leads to various other serious issues. Corruption occurs at various levels in our country. From the general public to the political leaders to the big businessmen – everyone is contributing to this problem and making it bigger by the day. There may hardly be a person in our country who may not have adopted corrupt means to further his interest. Even if it is a smallest act of corruption such as bribing the traffic police for breaking traffic rule it is still wrong and is a stepping stone for bigger acts of corruption. People, in our country, often crib about political leaders misusing their power for personal gain not realizing that they themselves indulge in small corrupt practices to further their interest. Each individual must act responsibly and stop such acts to contribute their bit towards eliminating corruption. The government must also keep a check on such illicit activities to overcome this problem.

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Paragraph - 04:

Corruption Paragraph in 200 words for class 9, 10, 11, 12 and SSC, HSC exam


There are many scams that are not included in the public eye but have impacted a lot. They are known as Corruption. Corruption is an act of treachery that has rarely left anyone or any place. From Hospitals to corporations and governments, nothing and no one is immune from Corruption. Corruption starts from the higher levels and moves down to the lower levels rapidly, forming an atmosphere of less hard work and cheated results. There are even proofs that politicians were provided resources by drug lords and smugglers, and when they or their existence is threatened, immediate actions are taken against them mostly resulting in death. Even the most influential countries are not free from Corruption because who would not like power and success? And the easiest way to do that is by earning an excessive amount of money. Corruption stops them from degrading influence. However, Corruption cannot prevent the degradation of their morals or values, and it increases the same. None of us can even imagine the amount of money that goes into their accounts for personal accumulations. Corruption is now a bug that is insidious inside every Department and arena of the government. Corruption has now crippled our economy, and our functions have gone haywire due to it.

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Paragraph - 05:

Paragraph on Corruption in 200 to 250 words for Class 11, 12, HSC and  All Competitive Exams


Corruption weakens a country’s political, social as well as economic system. It is a curse for the society. It hampers the growth of the nation and thus has an adverse impact on the growth of each individual in the country. Political corruption lies at the core of our country. The political system in India is flawed and has given rise to corruption. There is no criterion of possessing a particular degree when it comes to applying for position in political parties. There is no need to have any work experience either. Surprisingly, even those with explicit criminal records are offered party tickets. When such people come in power they misuse the system. They do not fear the law as they have been able to come clear even after committing heinous crimes. It is ironic that instead of being punishment by the law, they are being given the power to make the laws. Corruption will undoubtedly rise when the power is in such hands. People no longer aim to come to power to improve the condition of the country and serve it selflessly. The main aim of the aspiring political leaders is to gain power and use it for their personal gain. The moment they come in power they think of ways to make money. They bend and mould laws to further their interest and juggle as much money as they can.  There is no check on what they do and how they misuse their power. Anyone who tries to uncover the mask of such corrupt leaders is crushed brutally. Thus, people do not dare to raise their voice against the corruption taking place at high level. Those in power take advantage of the flawed system and work towards fulfilling their own interests. The grievances and problems of the general public remain unheard.

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Paragraph - 06:

Auto paragraph on Corruption


Corruption is a great and harmful problem. Corruption is not only a common matter for our own country but also for the other countries too. Corruption destroying our social peach and happiness. Day by day Corruption is going out of our control which is very alarming. Keeping Corruption we can not imagine our peace and happy life. Though Corruption is very tough to remove this problem totally from the society but we have to try at any cost. Without removing Corruption people can’t get relief. Everybody wants a good solution for Corruption. Beside govt. should come forward to overcome Corruption. The law forces agencies should arrest them who are creating Corruption. Corruption is possible to remove by creating public awareness. So we should be more active to get better solution.