Superstition Paragraph: Many times when you are unwell, you must have heard the elders in the family blame it on someone’s ‘evil eye’. In villages, people believe that spirits enter the body of some people and cause them to behave in a strange manner. These are all superstitions. Superstitions are the outcome of fear and ignorance of the causes of many natural and scientific phenomena. Long ago when people did not know about earthquakes they felt that the tremor of the Earth was caused by the steps of an approaching demon! Such ignorance can be dispelled through education. It can be very dangerous for a person who is unwell to be caught in a web of superstitions. Many infants have lost their lives because of not getting prompt medical help as their illness was attributed to some superstition. In many villages, people with mental illnesses are stoned and beaten black and blue as they are suspected of being possessed by evil spirits. Treatment and diagnosis by qualified doctors is the correct way to deal with such problems. It is a pity that many villagers do not go to the Primary Health Care and Family Planning Centers due to superstitious beliefs surrounding the treatment offered here. As a result, they lose out on valuable health care which may even result in the loss of life.

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Paragraph - 02:

Superstition Paragraph in 100 words for class 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5


Superstition is the fear of what is unknown and mysterious. It is the belief that certain events bring good or bad luck which cannot be explained by reason or science. In short, superstition means blind belief. Superstition is a worldwide phenomenon. People in every country believe in one or the other superstition. Superstitions have come down to us from ancient times. Primitive people were ignorant about the wonders of science. They were at the mercy of natural elements. They did not understand the causes of physical changes taking place around them. They respected and worshipped the force of nature like the sun, the moon, fire, wind, water, storms, etc. They believed that diseases were caused by the wrath of gods as well as evil spirits. They tried to satisfy the gods with offerings, prayers, sacrifices, etc. They tried to ward off evil spirits by offering sacrifices. Sacrifice of birds and animals to please the gods and goddesses and to atone for one’s sins in a common practice. Thus, it is fear which gave rise to superstition.

Superstition Paragraph
Superstition Paragraph

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Paragraph - 03:

Superstition Paragraph in 150 words  for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, JSC and HSC exam


Superstitions and belief in them are only due to the fact that man believes in some power beyond his comprehension which influences his life. Forces of nature had even been worshipped both in the West as well as in the East. 'Evil stars’ that one says when some tragedy befalls. Shakespeare has depicted superstitions in his plays. He also brings Ghosts and witches in his plays. There are certain superstitions in which people still behave in the West as well as in the East. Perhaps some coincidence has confirmed the faith in them. Examinees have their own superstitions and examples of their beliefs are numerous and of varied sorts, and they cannot be given up for their own reasons. Some Social considerations are also the basis of certain superstitions don’t sleep at dusk, don’t harm or cut certain trees. How so much science may advance superstitions and belief in them shall continue. Though one must not be too much governed by them otherwise every moment of life would be full of anxiety and tension.

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Paragraph - 04:

Superstition Paragraph in 200 words for class 9, 10, 11, 12 and SSC, HSC exam


There are many superstitions based on ghosts, witches and spirits. Often, houses are supposed to be haunted. Lincoln’s ghost is still seen in White House. When a woman suffers from hysteria, she is supposed to be overpowered by some ghost or witch. Many people, even the educated ones go to some so-called fraudulent people to get rid of evil spirits. Such people are another version of witch-doctor of South Africa. The source of superstition lies in the thinking of man. When some problem is not removed by earthly efforts or is not understood, we tend to be superstitious and try to find its solution by other means. Burke has rightly said that superstition is the religion of feeble minds. In reality weakness, fear of the unknown, ignorance and illiteracy are the true sources of superstition. Modern era with all its progress of education, science and technology is not devoid of superstition. New superstitions in idolizing child, laborer and other factors are present. Therefore superstitions, it seems, are going to persist. To some extent, everyone is superstitious, only when it goes to its extremes, it is dangerous. According to Goethe superstition is the poetry of life. Superstitions stand in the way of progress and civilization and make our perspective limited and enhance our weakness. We hesitate and falter in taking decisions and therefore we cannot contribute to progress thoughts. Superstitions are a hindrance to clear thinking, reasoning and logic. Superstition, at best, should be avoided and not encouraged otherwise we will also be doing the same what our forefathers did.

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Paragraph - 05:

Paragraph on Superstition in 200 to 250 words for Class 11, 12, HSC and  All Competitive Exams


There are superstitions that have been created out of some Social Considerations. Sleeping at dusk is treated as a sign that one may fall ill. It is actually that one should not be languid or lazy in the evening. Do not cut the ‘Peepal’ or the ‘Banyan’ tree that only is a superstition to save trees from destruction. Dogs are very sensitive to natural calamities and become very restless before a natural calamity actually occurs. These are some of the superstitions which generally people keep believing in the West as well as in the East. The human mind and human soul keeps on believing that there is some hidden power somewhere which ‘governs their lives and this is the basis of some of these superstitions. The belief in them has gone on, also because some of the superstitions believed in have proved to bring about the anticipated results or effects. Maybe it is just coincidental but that makes belief in them all the more firm. There is no logic behind belief in these superstitions but they have grown age-old and even all the scientific advancement of thought does not make them disappear. But the less we subject ourselves to them the better, otherwise, every moment of life would be on tenterhooks.

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Paragraph - 06:

Auto paragraph on Superstition


Superstition is a great and harmful problem. Superstition is not only a common matter for our own country but also for the other countries too. Superstition destroying our social peach and happiness. Day by day Superstition is going out of our control which is very alarming. Keeping Superstition we can not imagine our peace and happy life. Though Superstition is very tough to remove this problem totally from the society but we have to try at any cost. Without removing Superstition people can’t get relief. Everybody wants a good solution for Superstition. Beside govt. should come forward to overcome Superstition. The law forces agencies should arrest them who are creating Superstition. Superstition is possible to remove by creating public awareness. So we should be more active to get better solution.