Write an e-mail to your friend about the importance of games and sports

To: ameet@gmail.com

From: rana@gmail.com

Sent: 16th Fanuary, 2025. 01:25 PM

Subject: Importance of games and sports.

My dear Ameet,

Yesterday I received a letter from father that you are not keeping good health these days. I am much worried about you. It is very good that you work hard and are good in studies but nothing should be achieved at the cost of health. Good health is precious treasure which one should not lose. You must take interest in school games and participate in the sports. Games will keep you fresh, smart and fit. If you can spare time, you must go for evening walk also. It is a light exercise and gives you energy to do more work. Always remember all work no play makes jack a dull boy. Sound mind lives in a sound body.

I hope you will surely try to improve your health, so that father and mother are not worried about you.

Yours lovingly,