Completing story writing is a in important topic for upcoming hsc examination. The exam schedule has been already published. Every students are preparing themselves for doing better in the examination. But for doing better in the examination, student should follow proper suggestions and a complete guideline. hsc exam is knocking to the door, so it is high time to be prepared well. Completing story is the most important topic for hsc examination. Without learning Completing story, a student cannot do well in the hsc examination. But which Completing story should you learn?  You should learn some common Completing stories properly. Today, I have given some common and most important Completing story for upcoming hsc examination.

Most important 20 completing story for HSC exam 2024

  1. Money cannot Bring Happiness
  2. The Dove and the Ant 
  3. The Scholar and the Boatman
  4. Slow and Steady Wins the Race
  5. A King Without a Kingdom/King Lear and his Daughters
  6. A Trick of a Cunning Fox Went in Vain 
  7. Do not Believe a Flatterer / A Sly Fox and a Foolish Crow
  8. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
  9. Perseverance is the key to Success 
  10. An Honest woodcutter/ Honesty is the best policy
  11. Two Foolish Rats and a Cunning Monkey completing story
  12. Bayazid’s Devotion to Mother completing story
  13. A Liar Shepherd completing story
  14. Unity Is Strength completing story
  15. A thirsty crow and a jar with little water completing story
  16. A Fox without a Tail completing story
  17. Grapes Are Sour completing story
  18. A Foolish Crow and a Cunning Fox completing story
  19. An Ant and a Dove completing story
  20. Sheikh Saadi and His dress completing story