Adolescence Paragraph is the most important for hsc examination. Every student should learn this adolescence paragraph. Adolescence refers to the phase in human growth and development that occurs after childhood and before adulthood. It represents one of the critical transitions in one’s life span. Today I have written this adolescence paragraph for HSC candidate. Here I have given three example of adolescence paragraph. I have tried to write this paragraph easily so that you can learn it quickly.

Adolescence Paragraph for hsc
Adolescence Paragraph  
Paragraph - 01:

Adolescence Paragraph for HSC exam in 200 words

Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. This is a vital part of life. This is also a very critical period of life. In adolescent girls and boys both are floating in a colorful and fantasy world. So everything seems colorful to them. That’s why they may go astray. Adolescence is a time of risks. Unlimited freedom brings disasters for them. They rush to the path of destruction without knowing the consequence. Adolescent is a young person who is developing from a child to an adult. Adolescents are vulnerable to various diseases. They may be addicted to alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs which may cause them deadly diseases. They are also in danger of sexual relationship which will lead them to intentional and unintentional injuries, unintended pregnancies, and sexually transmitted infections including Human Immunodeficiency Virus popularly known as HIV. Many of them also face a wide range of adjustment and mental health problems. That is why, it is necessary to be very careful about the diseases that can be life threatening. It is essential to teach them that addiction to alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs may destroy their life. Moreover, they should be given religious teaching besides general education about physical relationships. They should be practical examples of what may happen due to unsafe sexual relationships.

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Example-02: Adolescence Paragraph


Adolescence is considered the spring. This period lasts from twelve to nineteen, twenty-two years, but it goes to someone else. This period is also the time of the development of the mental powers. Along with the development of emotions is to develop a child's imagination. It occurs in all types of beauty interest and child adopts the same time new and high standards high. Whatever happens in the future child, her entire outline becomes in her teens. The boy dreamed of making money, making money, think in his life. Similarly, in the mind of the child is the passion for poetry and art, he aims to achieve greatness in them and make them achieve success as a success for it is life. The teenage boy's dream in a social reformer and leadership, they are moving further into these things.

Many psychologists have studied in the West, particularly the teens. Adolescent pregnancy is the stage of development of the working spirit. Child sex because of their experiences in the Navshakti. He is a worshiper of beauty and greatness of the priest is made. Her work is inspired by his bravery.
Adolescent pregnancy is a state of physical maturity. At this stage there is persistence in the baby's bones; Hunger seems to be enough. The sensation of sexuality becomes a child of 13 years. The reason is the secretion of the glands in the body. So many teenage children seem to unintended variety of erotic activities. If older people are aware of it when first they are shocked by. Child, adolescent stage of modern psychoanalysis science  telling naturally, parents scare is resolved. These are the natural result of  physical development of the child. Self-adult stage of adolescence persist sometimes are. Development of adolescence when teens have their own special love of children of the same sex. Homosexuals are child  adverse social sense. Therefore, he does not fearlessly in front of society. The suppression of homosexual love in human mental gland produces madness called paranoia. The schizophrenic man a very great man himself seems to acknowledge the other side as the enemy begins to see his own colleagues. Hitler and his associates were in the glands, which they could not see the other nations prosper. As a result of World War II broke out.

Luck is developed according to two rules of life, an innate maturity and other terms of the rules of learning. For proper development of the child, we should teach him not to hurry anything. The task of learning is good only when she instinctively. When the child instinctively crosses all mental states only makes it healthy and able citizen. And suddenly nobody is intelligent and philanthropic causes. Grows with the growth of his wisdom and experience in philanthropy, kindness and bravery properties come slowly. The gradual development of his desires. Before his low grade desires are awakened only when they are reasonably high degree of fulfillment of desires arises. This is according to the law of mental maturity. Standing in the same person's character is to develop virtues and the same person by his actions lasting benefits to society.

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Example-03: Adolescence Paragraph in 200 words for HSC examination


Adolescence refers to the phase in human growth and development that occurs after childhood and before adulthood. It represents one of the critical transitions in one’s life span. It is characterized by fast paced growth and change. There are also some changes and developments in biological process of the body in adolescence. The time of adolescence is a period of preparation for adulthood. There are some acute psychological changes in adolescence. The flourishing of personality is introduced in this stage. The youngster gets touching and finds his/her personal identity. It is also a time of considerable risks. Many adolescents face pressure to use alcohol, cigarettes, or other drugs. Some of them get involved in sexual relationships that put themselves at high risk for injures, pregnancies, STD and AIDS. Some of them experience mental health problems too. Adolescents are not fully capable of understanding complex concepts and degree of control themselves. This inability makes them particularly vulnerable ot sexual exploitation and high risk behaviors. Families, communities, schools, health services and their workplaces should help them learn wide range of skills. These skills can help them cope with the pressures they face. It will also help them make a successful transition from childhood to adulthood. Parents, the members of community must be very careful of them.