Write a letter to your friend about your preparation for the coming SSC examination

115, Kalshi, Mirpur 11

March 15, 2012

Dear Ratna,

I hope you are well. I received your letter on the 10th instant. I hope, you will write to me from time to time. In your letter, you wanted to know about my preparation for the coming SSC examination.

You know that my SSC examination is knocking at the door. I am trying my best to do well in all the subjects. You know that I am weak in Mathematics. I am trying to make up my weakness with the help of our Mathematics teacher. I have already completed my course entirely and now have been trying to revise them. I am confident that I shall obtain GPA- 5 by the grace of Allah.

No more today. Please write me about your preparation. Convey my regard to your parents and love to the youngers.

Your loving friend


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Letter - 02:

Letter for telling about your preparation for the examination

Mirpur, Dhaka
Dated: The 8th June, 2013

Dear parents,
How are you at home? Your letter brought some comfort to me in these days of anxiety and hard working.
Very clear speaking, I have made a fair progress in my preparation. But I mustn’t say that I am thoroughly prepared. Nobody knows which questions will be set in the examination. But nowadays I am a bit more confident because I have got a clear understanding of the nature of the question papers in the exam. Besides, I have read the test books thoroughly and explored every nook and corner of them. Moreover, the hot questions are already memorized. Mathematics, English and Arabic are in my daily practice routine. I believe I can do well with any sorts of question. Still some day’s time is in hand and I am checking my weak –point.

I hope I can overcome it successfully. Pray for me so that I can achieve an expected outcome.

Your loving son,
Faysal Khan

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Letter - 03:

Write a letter to your friend about your preparation for the coming SSC examination

Dear [Friend's Name],

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing this letter to update you about my preparation for the upcoming SSC exam.

As you know, the SSC exam is just around the corner, and I have been working hard to prepare for it. I have been studying consistently, attending classes regularly, and practicing previous years' question papers to gain confidence and familiarity with the exam pattern.

To ensure that I cover all the topics and concepts, I have created a study schedule and have been following it diligently. I have also been revising regularly to retain the information that I have learned.

Apart from studying, I have also been taking care of my physical and mental health. I have been eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest to keep myself energized and focused.

I understand that the SSC exam is a crucial exam, and I am doing everything I can to perform well. However, I am also aware that success in the exam is not just about knowledge and preparation, but also about staying calm and composed during the exam.

Therefore, I am also working on building my confidence, staying positive, and keeping my nerves under control. I am determined to give my best shot and achieve my goals.

I hope to hear about your preparation for the exam too. Let's keep motivating and supporting each other through this journey.

Wishing you all the best for your exams.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

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